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Divi Elegant Themes Review

Are you considering using a Divi theme for your website? Are Divi Elegant Themes the most powerful ones you can use to develop your website in 2021? Is it wise to use Divi Elegant Themes? This unbiased, comprehensive, and hands-on Divi Elegant Themes review will discuss everything you want to know.

There is nothing better than Elegant Themes, especially Divi, to produce incredibly high-quality themes and user-friendly plug-ins. It is a strongly recommended theme for both WordPress beginners and professionals who want to develop incredibly functional and gorgeous websites, that too, without going through the coding process.

Divi offers much more than a WordPress theme. It replaces the standard WordPress post editor and allows you to use its exceptional visual editor to build brand new websites. Besides its vast popularity, Divi is also a stunning theme equipped with tons of essential features. Perhaps the most striking selling point of this incredibly WordPress theme is its user-friendly nature.

Now, let’s discuss the basics first!

So, what is Divi?

About The Divi Elegant Themes

Divi is the flagship product from a prevalent Elegant Themes (Mega Themes). Unlike a standard  WordPress theme, it is much bigger, better, and has more powerful plug-ins. Divi is also a multipurpose tool and has multiple uses. It can fit any website. It means, regardless of what kind of website you want to develop, Divi can get the job done for you.

One of the significant perks is that it is developed with keeping the newbies in mind. Everything is designed so that even someone completely new to WordPress can efficiently operate it from start-up to the user interface and updates.

What makes Divi hugely popular among web developers are:

  • Divi is regularly updated and improves continuously.
  • The theme now features a handy drag-and-drop tool to build aesthetic pages.
  • It features tons of eye-popping website templates.
  • The product also offers tons of customization options and settings.
  • Divi’s price is also pretty competitive.

Majors Features of Divi Elegant Themes

Some of the critical features that Divi offers include:

·        Divi Builder

Divi 3.0 is one of the significant releases of Elegant Themes. The idea behind Divi builder is to create a more superior and powerful version of the Divi builder. Now, both the back-end and front-end builders get updates in real-time and display a live version. It means a user will be able to see the result while still working.

·        Tons of Top-Quality Pre-Made Website Templates and Layouts

Developing a website with Divi is easier than ever. It boosts your speed to build your website instantly and without dealing with the complicated coding process. The tool also comes armed with tons of top-quality ready-made website templates that you can use for various pages. Additionally, it also hosts website layouts and designs catered to multiple niches.

·        Essential Website Elements

Divi Elegant Themes also consist of various website modules. It hosts over 40 modules and website elements that you can choose from, including CAT (Call to Action), contact forms, sliders, galleries, blogs, testimonials, portfolios, counters, comments, dividers, pricing tables, and more.

·        Visual Updates (No More Page Refreshes)

Since React powers the Divi Elegant Themes, it offers real-time visual experiences. It means anything that you want to update will be updated instantly. You don’t have to repeatedly refresh your pages to get content updated because everything is visible in real-time.

·        Drag-and-Drop Content Editor

One of the most notable features that you will love using Divi Elegant Themes is that you will work on the actual live blocks instead of editing a visual representation. It means you can drag and drop pieces of content, like images, text, headers, etc. Moreover, everything that you will add to your website or a page is responsive. You will have the option to tweak elements behavior for multiple devices, too.

·        Powerful Plug-ins and Additional Themes

Upon buying Divi Elegant Themes, you will be able to access almost all the products produced by Elegant Themes. It means you can take advantage of themes, Bloom opt-in email plug-in, magazine WordPress theme, and Monarch – a comprehensive handy tool to grow followers and get more shares.

·        Divi’s Extra Magazine Theme

Divi is getting better with each passing day because of the inclusion of new high-quality themes and powerful page builder features. Apart from designing incredibly responsive and jaw-dropping websites, it gives you access to its Extra Magazine theme.

Although Divi offers versatile theme options that you can use for any industry or website, the Extra Magazine theme is a specific option. It is more suitable for freelance businesses to create stunning portfolios, online magazines, and journalist blogs.

The theme is blazingly fast and incredibly responsive. However, you will have to use a fast web hosting service to get the most out of its speed.

What Makes Divi Elegant Themes Widely Popular?

1.    Divi Elegant Themes Customization Options

Divi Elegant Themes offers tons of customization features and options, including:

  • Hover State Styling

Divi Elegant Themes allows you to use hover options to decorate your website with eye-popping hover effects and transform models into interactive and fun elements. Divi Elegant Theme’s hover interface is distinctive and amazingly easy to use. You can easily customize any design setting on hover that supports transitions.

  • Responsive Editing

Are you dreaming about developing responsive websites without going through the coding process? Well, it is possible with Divi Elegant Themes. Divi’s responsive editing is super easy and responsive by default. It gives you full control over everything, taking design responsiveness a step further. It means you can tailor the appearance of every element on tablets, desktops, and smartphones.

  • Text Styling and Fonts

You will surely love a vast range of Divi Elegant Themes’ text styling and font options. It includes tons of web fonts that you can choose from or upload your own. Moreover, it also allows easy customization of line-height, letter spaces, and text sizes. You will be able to control every text element, including block quotes, links, lists, etc.

  • Shape Dividers

You can make your website look professional and aesthetic using Divi Elegant Theme’s shape dividers. The customization option allows you to decorate your website with custom shapes, unique effects and create dynamic transitions between content blocks to add an extra bit of flare.

You can place the shape dividers below or above each section of your site, making it easy to build jaw-dropping transition effects between parts of a page.

  • Beautiful Border Options

Divi Elegant Themes enables you to add beautiful borders to any element you desire through its powerful border editor. You can easily control border size, add rounded corners, apply styles and different colors and effects to any aspect individually.

  • Powerful Code Editing

Are you tired of writing or editing codes in a standard code editor? It will be a fun and enjoyable experience to use Divi Elegant Theme’s powerful code editor to write codes. It is a superior code editor with powerful features, such as error reporting, syntax highlighting, color picking, autocomplete, search, and multi-line selection. You can also add custom CSS to elements you desire or place your code on a page through its code module.

Apart from the above customization options and features, Divi Elegant Themes also offers many other extra flair tools to your website. It includes responsive editing, filters, and effects, drops shadows, animations, and much more.

2.    Divi Elegant Themes Efficiency

Divi Elegant Themes also enables web developers to create a stunning website with efficiency. It offers tons of efficiency so that you can design a lot.

  • Instant Bulk Editing

Divi Elegant Themes multi-selection feature is fun. You just hit the CTRL key to select multiple elements on your page instead of fixing them individually. Once you have chosen your desired component, you can then edit them to change their style or place them at different parts of your page.

  • Find and Replace to Make Instant Changes

You no more need to make changes one-by-one on your page. Divi Elegant Themes allows you to do that across an entire page at once, saving you considerable time and frustration. Opening elements individually and changing their color over and over again takes hours. You can use Divi’s find and replace option to instantly change whatever you want, such as fonts or colors across the entire page.

  • Magic Color Manager

Divi Elegant Themes is so smart. It can remember what colors you recently used by storing them, so you don’t have to waste time finding your desired color. It also shows a color pallet that you can customize according to your preferences. Moreover, through Divi’s Magic Color Manager, you can stretch the color pallet to get the color suggestion you may want to add to your website.

  • Quick Actions

Are you struggling to find a setting? Or are you curious to know how an element functions in a builder? Use Divi’s Quick Actions option to get useful tips through videos. It also enables you to perform different actions, such as loading layouts or adding additional elements. Divi’s Quick Actions option is ultra-fast and saves tons of time so that you can design more in a short time.

3.    Divi Elegant Themes Marketing Features

  • In-Built Lead Generation and Email Marketing

Apart from allowing you to create aesthetic and jaw-dropping websites, Divi Elegant Themes also offers tons of options to attract more traffic by optimizing your website. It enables you to generate auto-pilot leads. Upon purchasing Divi, you also get a robust suite of plug-ins. All thanks to its Bloom email opt-in plug-in, you will be able to build email lists effortlessly.

You no more need a third-party plug-in to gather your website users’ data. Moreover, you can also take advantage of Divi’s leads to split test pages and gain essential insights to boost conversion rates.

  • Contact Form Development

Everything about Divi Elegant Themes is extraordinary, and its contact form builder is not an exception. It enables you to take advantage of its full-feature contact form builder to collect your website visitors’ information you want. You can also display or hide input fields through conditional logic. What more, it also gives you the control to customize input fields individually according to your preferences.

  • In-Built Split Testing

Divi’s in-built split testing is another impressive feature that you can use to test whatever you want. Use this feature to test content or different designs against each other to determine the best variation. You can also get useful insights, helping you get the most suitable version to increase your website conversion rates.

Divi Elegant Themes: Pros and Cons


  • Divi Elegant Themes offer a clean and intuitive interface.
  • It offers powerful webpage and theme building features for just $89, which is quite a deal.
  • You can also buy a lifetime plan.
  • Thanks to Divi’s drag-&-drop page builder, it is easy to use for both newbies and professionals alike.
  • If you have some basic knowledge of coding, Divi allows you to create incredible and gorgeous websites.
  • You will get tons of different WordPress themes.
  • It boasts over a hundred-plus high-quality website templates.


  • Some users say it runs slow when working with longer webpages.
  • Divi’s inline editing feature needs some improvements.
  • It doesn’t incorporate any pop-up builder.

Divi Elegant Themes Vs. Other Themes

1.    Thrive Themes

Both the Divi Elegant Themes and Thrive Themes function similarly. Like Divi, it also allows you to produce plug-ins and themes to make your WordPress website look more elegant. Although Divi is more popular, Thrive Themes also features a drag-and-drop feature known as “Thrive Architect.”

It also boasts numerous promotional tools, such as quiz builders, lead generation, smart widgets, helping you to seduce your target audience towards your website.

But when it comes to the cost, Thrive Themes are far pricier than Divi Themes. Thrive offers two options” a quarterly, costing $30 per month, and an annual ($228) that you can use on up to 25 websites.

On the flip side, Divi Elegant Themes also offers two options at very competitive rates. Their annual subscription costs $89, while the lifetime access costs $249.

Comparison Chart

Divi Elegant Themes Thrive Themes Winner
Divi Elegant Themes emphasize building an entire website through elements, such as headers and footers. Thrive Themes emphasizes creating conversion-focused landing pages to generate better leads and increase sales. Divi Elegant Themes
Divi offers a more affordable annual plan ($89) for unlimited sites. Thrive Themes costs higher ($67) for a single site. Divi Elegant Themes


Divi isn’t available as a solo product. You can purchase Thrive Themes separately for a single cost of $67 (per website) Thrive Themes
Divi elements focus is best for developing stunning portfolio website designs. Thrive Themes elements are more CRO-oriented. Tie


2.    Elementor

Elementor is probably the furious competitor of Divi Themes. It also claims itself as the “most popular WordPress Page Builder.” However, rather than focusing on specific products, it classifies them as features included if you invest in one of its pro plans.

Elementor cost plans range from $49 to $199, depending on the number of sites you want to work with. However, when it comes to in-built themes, Divi wins the race. Elementor is more of a plug-in for developing sites rather than an actual website.

Comparison chart

Divi Elegant Themes Elementor Themes Winner
Divi offers pretty competitive prices, making it an attractive option for both individuals and agencies. Elementor has steep price plans. Divi Elegant Themes
Divi is more efficient and runs faster. Some users say that Elementor runs a bit slower compared to other website builders. Divi Elegant Themes
Divi is the best if you like using shortcodes as it offers shortcodes for almost everything. Elementor doesn’t feature a shortcode library. Divi Elegant Themes
Divi boasts over 58 unique website layouts. Elementor features a hundred pre-made layout designs. Divi Elegant Theme
Divi doesn’t offer any free version. Elementor incorporates a free version with limited features. Elementor


3.    Visual Composer

Suppose Divi Elegant Themes are the best because of their uncountable website layout possibilities. Visual Composer is famous for its extra features that you can buy, paying an additional cost. Moreover, Divi boasts over 40-plus modules. Whereas Visual Composer is packed with various content elements, including image carousels, charts, video players, post grids, text blocks, and much more.

Furthermore, Divi Elegant Themes are remarkable both for designers and non-programmers alike. It also enables you to boost your speed with efficiency to design more in a short time. On the flip side, Visual Composer has a steep learning process before getting your hands on it.

What more, you can get Visual Composer for $45, which can increase if you want additional and more powerful features. Although the Divi cost is a bit higher ($89), it gives you access to all the products and features without paying anything extra.

However, keep in mind that investing in Visual Composer is useful only if you want to build business websites. Also, you will not be able to add third-party widgets.

Comparison Chart

Divi Elegant Themes Visual Composer Winner
Divi allows you to add third-party widgets to create aesthetic websites. Visual Composer doesn’t have the option to add third-party widgets. Divi Elegant Themes
Divi is an excellent pick for both designers and non-programmers because of its intuitive interface and easy learning process. Visual Composer has a steep learning process, so you will need some time before you get your hands on it. Divi Elegant Themes
Divi offers you a webpage builder and theme building features for $89. Though it costs $45, you will have to pay more if you want more features and plug-ins. Divi Elegant Themes

Final Thoughts

With a plethora of WordPress themes and page builders available out there, it is an overwhelming task to pick the right for you. You could lose thousands of $$$ investing in the wrong theme and page builder. So it is critical to make the right decision if you want to build stunning websites without writing codes.

This Divi Elegant Themes review clearly shows that why it is the best and hugely popular. You can buy it at an affordable cost while also getting access to almost all its additional features and products. Moreover, it is also effortless to use for both WordPress newbies and professionals alike. You do not need any coding knowledge or technical skills to get your hands on it. The bottom line is Divi Elegant Themes are the best to create stunning websites that are blazingly fast and optimized.


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