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Adjustable Stand-Up Computer Desk

The best adjustable stand-up computer desk benefits those doing their work on the computer. It frees you from having to sit for long hours on end which may affect your health. It’s so easy to lose track of time when you’re engrossed in your work. You can forget to stand up, de-stress, and take a breather.

Using a stand-up computer desk, and getting used to it, will significantly lessen the time you sit on a chair which helps proper blood circulation on your lower limbs, and the rest of the circulatory system.  It’s just one of the ways to keep your blood circulation going. Take a break occasionally and walk around for a minute or two. Do some stretching exercises, and rest for a while.


What is an adjustable stand-up computer desk?

Also called a stand-up desk, the standing desk is designed for working on your laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. The new breed of standing desks can be lowered so that you work seated comfortably. And then you can easily switch to a standing position. The reason: it’s unhealthy to spend many hours just sitting or standing, even when working. These tables are appropriately called adjustable-height desks or table tops.

Alternatively, if your current standing desk can’t be lowered, you can sit on a high stool which makes a standing desk quite versatile.

How important is the adjustable stand-up computer desk?

Whether it’s the usual lower back pains associated with sitting too long or other problems, studies have consistently found “a decrease in discomfort and pain when people use adjustable stand-up computer desk.

Just keep in mind that standing all day also has disadvantages, including muscle and skeletal disorders. The trick is to not prolong or overdo sitting and standing. You’d know you have crossed the line when your back, your buttocks, and your legs and feet start aching. And maintaining the right posture will also strengthen your balance.

Tips for using stand-up computer desk

  • Still, for long periods, your leg muscle, tendons, and other tissue are also considered to have negative impacts and may even cause itches. Try to switch from sitting to standing. Early studies suggest that every 1 to 2 hours, you sit only for 1 hour.
  • The right desk height and computer screen position are essential to improve comfort and minimize the risk of damage to the limbs. Set the size of your desk and screen. Your desk should be aligned against your elbows while at the top of the screen.
  • Utilize anti-fatigue mats utilize in jobs such as working on a product line or at a counter, requiring long hours of standing. Withstanding tiredness, leg discomfort, or back pain for over 2 hours per day can be alleviated by lying down or resting on well-made mattresses with adequate support. So, also pick some comfort mats along with the standing desk.
  • Keep your computer keyboard and mouse at the same level and your wrists straight when you are typing. Doing so protects your wrists when you’re standing. When you still experience sore wrists, use an adjustable keyboard stand and gel mouse pads for optimum support.
  • Adding an armrest to your desk can help with your shoulder and neck problems, especially your dominant hand. Although it would be better to stand at your desk than to sit, you still have to take regular breaks, get some rest, move around, clear your head and rest your eyes.

Buying guide for adjustable stands-up computer desk

Below are essential buying guides you should consider when buying an adjustable stand-up computer desk.

Weight capacity

Ensure that the desk has a robust, stable structure and can withstand standard workplace loads. If you have accessories such as rails or bins above the working surface, ensure that the frame structure resists loads above the working surface without tipping over. But you should be sure to pay attention to your weight capability if you plan for the need to find heavy items on your desktop.

Easy and effortless to use

Whatever the tasks are and whether the workbench is used only by one or more employees, make it easy to operate the desk. Comfortable and quick-adjusting height should not require tools or strength to make it easy to use by many employees.


If by chance you are affected by noises; you have to look for a desk that pushes silently. The level of noise should ideally be less than 50 decibels. This type of noise is considered safe. So always try to pick up that stand-up computer desk that will not make noise while moving.

Easy to assemble

Sometimes it may not be easy to assemble a standing desk by yourself. But certain brands place the manual and all components inside the package. Other brands upload videos on the Internet to help you get your standing desk set up. So, pick up those stands that are easy to assemble.


A stand-up desk is taller, wider, and longer than a typical, ordinary desk. It thus requires more room or space. So, before you head out to get one, make sure you know the area and the width and length of the room you plan to place your brand-new standing desk.


There’s a wide range of prices for stand-up desks. Some are more expensive than others. Look past the bells and whistles. And buy the standing desk model that perfectly matches your needs and requirements. On the other hand, it’s okay to get the higher-priced model if you’re torn choosing between two that you like. Go beyond the tag price and decide if the more expensive one would be the better buy for you.

Top 10 best Adjustable Stand-Up Computer Desk

We’ve come up with a selection of the best standing desks to help you move in the right direction. Suppose you plan to purchase a standing desk. Whether you’re looking for something high-end, elegant, affordable, or a gaming desk, one or two of the ten featured might just be what you’re looking for.


1. FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Desk

If you prefer a motorized height-adjustable desk that’s also easy on the pocket, then consider getting the FlexiSpot EN1 Height Adjustable Desk. It has a quiet engine lift with a keyboard that can customize to a three-height preset. There’s also a programmable alarm that tells you when the time has come to move from sitting up.

The stand-up computer desk is made with double-stain tubes and is relatively stable. However, it can suffer from a tangle touch when expanded to the highest levels. Compared with rival motorized products, the FlexiSpot EN1 Standing Desk is remarkably affordable, with some great features at this price level and a five-year guarantee from the firm.

However, there are a few downsides to consider when buying. It has poorly packed toroid cores, a low-cost single-layer power adapter circuit board, and excessive caulk used in each panel to store the components.


12-year warranty

Nicely priced



It needs improvement in packing, uses low-priced components, and low-quality control.

Here is the link:



2. UPLIFT Desk – V2 Commercial Standing Desk

The UPLIFT Desk V2 Commercial Standing Desk is one you’d like a lot. Foremost is its enhanced stability, which the Uplift v2 Commercial is not just about. The Commercial frame’s “3-stage legs” capability means it can be lowered and raised faster than the “2-stage legs.”

A well-integrated keypad also provides height adjustment with a memory feature to save your preferred settings. It can be a much less expensive solution than a complete standing desk. These computer desks adjust more quickly and smoothly and are quieter than others on the market. An advanced one-touchheight-adjustment keypad lets you raise or lower the legs. That means you can stand or sit while working anytime. Such flexibility prevents you from taking hours on end sitting or standing, which is not healthful.


Cross Adjustment

Traditional Support system

Extendable design of the frame



Outdated gear system

Low quality electronic

Here is the link:



3. Seville Classics airLIFT Computer Desk

This desk looks like an ordinary electric standing desk at first glance, but, according to one reviewer, it has a tempered glass top that “truly adds to the simplicity.

The Seville Classics Airlift Electric Height-Adjustable desk has a tempered glass surface. It’s made of a steel frame, and powder-coated to suit your choice of color. For stability on every surface, adjustable leveling feet are also included—the Airlift Height Adjustable Electric Desk design allows users to work comfortably.

One thing I appreciate very so much about this computer desk is its pre-assembled desk or top. The control box and the control panel are already installed. Electrical cables are neatly hidden not only for that sleek look but also for safety.


12-year warranty

Overload protection

Premium German gear


High Price Tag

Here is the link:



4. ApexDesk Elite Series 60

Does all your stuff need a lot of desk space? Two sizes available for the Elite version are 60 and 71 inches. The latter has a depth of 33 inches if you require a desk. It is a superbly built standing desk with a dual-engine elevator system paired with a smooth albeit a bit slow lifting mechanism. The lifting capacity is just over 100kg to ensure that you can fit much heavy hardware on the desk.

The Elite has an intense central beam and provides more stability to hold monitors and other peripherals. Then ApexDesk Elite is an excellent choice for a top-notch home office. This quick and quiet dual-engine lift system allows a desk to be moved anywhere with a fast speed of 1.5 inches per second. The frame’s color finish is glossy and available in various colors.


LED memory control

Steel construction


No cons as such

Here is the link:


5. SHW 55-Adjustable Stand-Up Computer Desk

This SHW desk has an electric-powered elevator with an L-shaped construction that product reviewers appreciate. As stated in a review: “This desk is large enough for any notebook, an extra monitor, a Bluetooth mouse, and light while still having paperwork, and the desk has facilitated working from home while the pandemic has been ongoing.”

Moreover, it has extra space in the corner, such as for your pet cat to chill. This desk also comes with a metal rack for power and wiring. Another reviewer said, “Cable under-desk basket that looks more pleasant for your workspace. The power strip has secured the bottom of your desk, so it’s easy to wrap cables in the box and keep everything off the floor and moving with the desk.” It’s only one cord running from base to desktop.”

Lastly, this awesome computer desk is also available for left-handed, that is, the left-facing version.


Overall stability

Ten-year warranty

Loads of desktop space


The lifting speed is a little slow.

Here is the link:


6. Jarvis Standing Desk Bamboo Top

The Jarvis Bamboo – yes, it’s made from bamboo – is environmentally friendly because the bamboo is cultivated sustainably (excluding pesticides). And it has a hard polyurethane coating. Below is a frame that holds more than 160 kg and is fully expanded enough for someone as big as 6-foot 7-inch. It is a solid desk and moves in a very smooth location with adjustments made using a simple panel or a programmable upgraded tool.

The Jarvis computer standing desk has an adjustable desk height that goes from 51 inches down to 25.5 inches. It’s a huge advantage as it gives the user the flexibility to also use it sitting on a chair. Standing too long and sitting too long are both not healthy options. Our body is meant for motion and keeps blood circulation at its optimum.

You can either take the Jarvis or a contoured or even an L-shaped model for the corner in the standard rectangular desk shape. There are all sorts of excellent options with this standing desk, including desk lamps, drawers, and desk racks, or a gas-activated monitor arm, if you want to be fancy.


Easy assembly process

Consistent lifting speeds


No overload protection

Over greased columns

Here is the link:



7. FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk

If you want a more affordable standing desk, check out the FlexiSpot Classic Riser. This model is manually adjustable and involves delivers many cost savings despite its low price. Moreover, The Flexispot has a large keyboard tray below the central platform. It can be used easily when raising or lowering the platform which is done by a light squeeze on a height adjustment button at the side.

You get a well-installed keyboard for a one-touch height adjustment and a memory function for saving your settings. It can be a much more compact solution and a little less expensive than a full-standing desk. The keyboard tray has a deeper or lower working surface (below the one for the monitor) for a larger keyboard, mouse, and mousepad and a unique rapid-release design so you can remove it quickly and easily if you do not need a mouse and keyboard.


Large in-stock surface collection

Overall stability


Low weight capacity

Here is the link:



8. Readydesk 2 – Adjustable Standing Desk\

Readydesk has a working surface that is sufficiently wide to hold two 25-inch monitors and has a height adjusted to fit most people, ranging from five feet to three inches to six feet. The Readydesk 2 design is simple. The whole desk consists of only six parts: two legs, two shelves, and two braces.

The rackings, legs, and cross-braces are all well-made with a satin-like finish. All is smooth, and we didn’t find any splits in the wood. Cable slots are available on the shelves to control your cables. The legs have slots that enable you to adjust the racks up or down to your peripherals.

It may be easy to reposition the rack and move the Readydesk 2 yourself, but it gets a little harder to place your equipment on the shelves. But there is an excellent place to set the keyboard.


Stability through max-height

Adjustment range


Low-quality electronics

Here is the link:



9. TechOrbits Standing Desk

Consider this TechOrbits model if you plan to work from home in the foreseeable future. The simple design will work with any aesthetics in your converted room, and lifetime guarantees are provided for all components. The desk surface is a laminated, water-resistant fiberboard with a medium-density elevator system, making adjusting the desk height between 20 to 40 inches so easy.

There are four height presets and an anti-collider safety sensor on the digital control panel on the side, which moves silently between the peaks and does not have to worry about disrupting others at home while you work.

The keyboard tray is designed to provide comfort and has a circular shape for your wrists to rest on. Besides, this makes it very easy to find a comfortable type position. The large tray size is also great for full-size keyboards, left-hand users, or anybody who likes to take up a lot of space with their mouse and clavier.



Nicely stable

Great design


Little bit costly

Here is the link:



10. ABOX adjustable desk

By optimizing your workspace into a sit-and-stand configuration, the ABOX adjustable desk riser frees you from extended periods of sitting at your work area desk and lets you achieve your goals in the healthiest way possible. Just press the electricity button, and this steady desk is adjusted up and down to a desired height and achieves an ideal ergonomic workplace for most people.

The desktop table has plenty of space for dual monitors and laptops. The 12.4-inch keyboard tray aligns the keyboard and mouse with the top surface, allowing for more ergonomic typing angles. ABOX sit-stand desk is stable and durable at either height – sitting or standing – thanks to the weighted foundation. When adjusting the height, the electric motor runs smoothly with hardly some noise/and quietly.


Loads of desktop space


Lifting speed is a little slow

Here is the link:




The continuous sitting and use of computers could cause the users to strain their backs and necks. These are the reasons that you should consider buying an adjustable stand-up computer desk. It is hoped that our analysis and review of the 10 most straightforward desktop stands bring you closer to an informed buying decision. No matter your preferences, if you select an adjustable stand-up computer desk from our list, you will buy a product that will give you value for your money in sound and flexibility of quality.

Most of all, consider it an important investment both for your enhanced work-from-home setup and experience. And that your health and well-being are not put on the line.


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