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Best Home Office Chairs

Having a home office setup means you spend more time sitting in front of your computer than the time you spend sleeping. So, having the best home office chair that is both comfortable and supportive is vital.

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Regardless of whether you work from your home occasionally or full-time, it is essential to have a workplace that offers a comfortable atmosphere and increases your productivity.

Suppose an average business person works for 40 hours per week and 1900 hours per year. Now, if you multiply the number by the average number of years a person works, you will be surprised to see that we spend a tremendous amount of time of our lives sitting on our office chair.

Despite the above calculation, many of us often think having the best desk is more important than having a comfortable, ergonomic chair for our home office set up. So, we spend more on getting the best desk and significantly less when it comes to the chair.

The problem here is not only a low-quality product will require a replacement more quickly; it will also create health issues, causing your productivity to suffer.

Since we spend a tremendous amount of time working, getting the best home office chairs is vital to make the work experience better and increase productivity. There are a number of factors to look for when considering to buy the best home office chairs. This guide will highlight all those key factors to help you find the best home office chairs to make sure you create a comfortable and productive workspace.

So, let’s get started!

Why Should You Buy the Best Home Office Chairs?

Here is why it is vital for you to choose the best home office chairs;

1. Prevent Health Issues and Increase Productivity

The best home office chairs won’t let you feel uncomfortable even if you sit in it for an extended period of time. You will see some office chairs on the market that looks a fine pick at first, but their poor design and building structure will make you uncomfortable with extended sitting.

Sitting in an unnatural way is not suitable for the human body. Putting your spine in a way that is not natural will make the posture to suffer, causing severe health issues. So, what you want in an office chair is it should provide you support and comfort. The best home office chairs can be adjusted quickly and offer you the support to prevent any health issues while increasing your productivity.

2. Takes Care of your Lumber

You should also buy the best home office chairs, unlike the traditional chairs; their detailed design is intended to provide lumbar support. This is a requirement that you should keep at the top of your list when buying home office chairs. Research has indicated that sitting on chairs that do not provide lumbar support bent the back forward, forcing to create an unnatural curve.

This causes health issues, such as pulling the muscles out of their position, reducing blood pressure to spinal tissue by putting pressure on the spinal discs, and more. So, having office chairs that provide lumbar support help to prevent these issues. They also make you feel fresh and relaxed by giving your body the correct posture.

3. Maintains the Good Posture

Another benefit of having the best home office chairs is making sure to maintain a posture good for your body and health. Although there are steps that you have to consider to maintain a good posture, having a chair is more important to do those steps. The best home office chairs will have the following qualities;

  • Your feet should be flat regardless of whether they are on the floor or footrest.
  • There should be a bit of a gap between your knees and the front of the seat.
  • They should have a backrest that you can adjust quickly to maintain a position, providing support to your back and spine.
  • You should be able to change your position to not sit in the same place for too long.

How to Buy the Best Home Office Chairs?

There’re many factors to consider when buying home office chairs. Ask yourself these basic questions;

What is your budget?

Are you on a hunt for a fully ergonomic chair?

Does the chair you are buying offer lumber support?

Below is what you should look for when investing to buy home office chairs!

1. Lumbar Support

As I have mentioned above, the best home office chairs provide support for the lower back. Some office chairs also feature adjustable lumbar support, allowing you to adjust the lower back support as you want. Be clear that it is critical to prevent health issues like a back strain.

2. Adjustability

Most office chairs have adjustability feature – for height and arm only. However, the best home office chairs feature five to fourteen adjustments. You should look for a chair that at least provides lumbar support, arm height and width, seat width and height, and tension control adjustments.

3. Breathable Upholstery

Materials of a chair are made from another critical aspect that plays an essential role in creating an office chair. Aesthetics aside, they are also crucial for providing comfort. So, if you need an office chair to sit on and work for longer hours, make sure to get a chair created from a breathable fabric.

4. Wheel Base

Almost all the office chairs come with a wheelbase. However, if your home office has a carpet, you should look for a chair with a wheelbase explicitly designed for carpet. While working, rolling is vital in avoiding strain to retrieve items located on another desk – out of your reach.

5. Swiveling

Swiveling is another essential factor to consider when looking for the best home office chairs. Ensure the chair you are buying swivel freely, allowing you to easily access any part of the desk you want to access. If the chair is not swiveling freely, overextending can result in arm fatigue when reaching out to items you wish to retrieve.

Final Thoughts

A suitable office chair is an integral part of the décor of any office. People want a chair that looks good, provides comfort, and has no harmful health issues on the person who will use it. The most crucial aspect when buying the best home office chairs is their design. Ensure the chair’s design helps you maintain a posture good for your body – without blocking blood flow or placing too much pressure on the spinal discs. Moreover, also make sure to consider other factors that I have outlined above when buying a home office chair. Stay Healthy and Productive J


Q: How long does the best home office chair last?

Ans: Most of the home office chairs made from high-quality materials lasts more than five years.

Q: How much does a decent office chair cost?

Ans: An average office chair costs around $50 or less. However, I suggest you spend around $150 or a bit more to get the best quality home office chair to provide more comfort and lasts long.

Q: What is an ergonomic chair?

Ans: An ergonomic chair means a chair that provides a range of different adjustments. These types of chairs are designed to keep ergonomic performance in mind.