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Home Office Necessities

Working from home or telecommuting was a trend a few years ago, but now it is necessary. Since a huge number of people are working from home nowadays, I have compiled this well-thought guide to highlight home office necessities that are a must-have for creating a comfortable and most effective home office setup.

When setting up a home office, you will need a number of home office necessities to transform your home office into an exceptionally comfortable and productive place.  From an ergonomic chair to a fast speed internet, a notepad to a pen, everything in your home office should have a purpose.

There are plenty of unique products that you can have to take your home office to a whole new level. Below, I will outline all the home office essentials that are a must-have for any home office setup.

So, let’s get started!

Setting Up Your Home Office

Before thinking about home office necessities, it would be nice to take some time and think about what home office setup you want and what it should look like. In this regard, the very first step you should take is to find and pick a quiet, isolated place in your home. The chosen location should have no distractions or interruptions, so you can solely focus on your work.

Once you have found such a place, create a list of things you want to have in the room to transform it into an effective and productive home office. Think about the office essentials that encourage you to be more productive when you are working. Also, consider things you want to keep close to you and those you use less often and can be placed away.

15 Must-Have Home Office Necessities

Here is a list of home office necessities essential to have for every home office set up.

1. Standing Desk (Sit-Stand Adjustable Desk)

Sitting for a prolonged time is severely harmful to your health. People who work from home and sit for hours daily have more risk of suffering from heart disease, diabetes, and other health issues. Moreover, sitting for prolonged hours also burn only a few calories, leading you to weight gain and obesity.

The problem is primarily a major one for office workers and people who work from home. That is why standing desks are becoming increasingly popular among freelancers and office workers.

A standing adjustable desk (sit-stand desk) is one of the home office essentials you will need when setting up a home office setup. It enables you to stand up and work comfortably. Almost all the latest versions of standing desks are adjustable, allowing you to adjust the desk’s height and easily switch between sitting and standing.

Besides keeping you comfortable and active throughout the day, a standing desk also offers astonishing health benefits. Here are the benefits of having a sit-stand desk in your home office;

  • It decreases the risk of weight gain and obesity.
  • A sit-stand desk also lowers blood sugar levels.
  • Having a sit-stand desk to work for long hours also lower the risk of heart disease.
  • Since sitting too much is not suitable for health, the standing desk also eliminates back pain risk.
  • The standing desk also keeps you alert, improves energy levels and your mood.

2. Ergonomic Chair

The second must-have home office necessity for any home office set up is an ergonomic chair. Working too long while sitting on a wrong, uncomfortable chair causes serious health issues. So, having an ergonomic chair not only has impressive health benefits, but it also keeps you productive and fresh by promoting a good posture.

So, what is an ergonomic chair, and why is it so special?

An ergonomic chair is an increasingly popular home office necessity for people spending more time sitting in front of their computers than the time they spend sleeping. So, they want a comfortable chair that keeps them active and comfortable while they are working.

The ergonomic chair is exceptionally comfortable and packed with adjustable features, allowing you to maintain a good posture. Here are some key benefits of having an ergonomic chair for your home office set up;

  • Since an ergonomic chair has a full-length design, it helps you maintain the natural posture while working.
  • Having an ergonomic chair in your home office also enhanced your productivity, happiness, and comfort.
  • Lower back and neck pain are the common issues that office workers have to confront. You can eliminate the problem by replacing your traditional office chair with an ergonomic chair since it offers proper support to both of these pain points.
  • An Ergonomic chair also has a suitable seat depth, which supports the hips to reduce pressure from them.
  • Having flexible furniture for your home office is essential. The ergonomic chair is hugely adjustable. You can easily adjust the seat depth, height, back recline, and armrests.

3. A Computer (Laptop is Ideal for a Home Office Setup)

When it comes to a personal computer for your home office setup, having a laptop offers more flexibility than a desktop computer. Unlike a desktop computer, a laptop allows you to keep changing your position when working at home. It also lets you work from anywhere – even when you are traveling.

Moreover, having a laptop is more convenient than a desktop computer because it occupies less desk space, which gives you additional room to work. It also needs fewer cords, making the area around your working desk clean and not like spaghetti. So, a laptop is another one of the must-have home office necessities for your workplace.

Here are the benefits of having a laptop for your home office set up;

  • Laptops are incredibly convenient because of their compactness, lightness, portability, and in-built battery feature, allowing you to move from one to another place while working.
  • They come equipped with batteries that are rechargeable. It makes them convenient to use regardless of wherever you are and whether you have a power resource or not.
  • When it comes to performance and functionality, laptops offer significantly more outstanding performance than most desktop computers.
  • Laptops are also versatile and offer an array of features. For example, almost all the latest laptops come with in-built cameras, making it convenient for you to take photos and shoot videos.
  • They’re also easy to set up and organize. Unlike desktop computers, they need a single cord (charger to recharge the batteries).

4. A Comfortable Keyboard

The standard keyboard of your laptop or desktop computer is not suitable for you. Using the standard keyboard daily will cause pain and fatigue, driving your productivity to suffer. So, another one of the essential home office necessities is an ergonomic keyboard.

Manufacturers know you need a computer or laptop because you need it. So, they don’t pay any attention to the keyboard, whether it is convenient or not. Using such a cheap keyboard for too long means you have to force yourself to hold your hands, elbow, and arms in a position that is not natural.

An ergonomic keyboard is what you need to keep yourself comfortable, and your hands fit by maintaining a posture good for your health. Key benefits of having an ergonomic keyboard include;

  • Having an ergonomic keyboard will make sure to keep your hands, wrists, and arms in a natural position.
  • Using a keyboard that causes fatigue prevents the productivity boost. The pain and the frustration it causes will also affect your physical and mental health. If you want to boost your productivity without suffering pain, fatigue, and frustration, you need a comfortable, ergonomic keyboard.
  • Another benefit of using an ergonomic keyboard is it increases your typing speed, making you get more work done in a shorter time to boost your productivity.
  • Unlike a standard keyboard that requires you to put some force to get a response, the keys of an ergonomic keyboard respond quickly and need just a light touch.

5. Ergonomic Mouse for Precision and Speed

One of the many office necessities is a dedicated mouse to improve precision and speed when working from home. Like a standard keyboard, your laptop’s mousepad is not comfortable when you are working on an important project that requires precision.

Moreover, when you perform a task that needs drag and drops, the laptop’s mousepad might make the simple dragging and drop task a hard one. Furthermore, using the mousepad also disturb the sensor signals when you use it with moist and sweaty fingers.

So, having a mouse that offers ergonomic benefits and increases speed and precision is essential. These types of mice have a high-quality sensor to improve accuracy.

  • Using an ergonomic mouse not only improves accuracy and speed, but it also eliminates the risk of mouse arm syndrome.
  • The ergonomic mouse includes a vertical design, which helps prevent wrist pronation and contours from keeping your fingers comfortable. Moreover, the over-sized buttons make it easy to click.
  • Left-handed people will struggle to use a standard mouse. The ergonomic mouse is for everyone, and you can easily switch hands when working.

6. A Large Monitor

If you spend a tremendous amount of time looking at your laptop or desktop screen, having a large screen monitor to accompany your desktop screen or laptop is convenient. A large monitor is especially a great home office necessity for people who software developers.

Having a large screen monitor not only saves you time, but it also helps you to improve your productivity when working. Moreover, when working on a task that requires you to work with multiple screens at a time, switching between them can be confusing, frustrating, and leads to mistakes.

So, having a large screen next to your laptop or desktop screen enables you to manage your tabs and programs easily. Monitors are available in various sizes and shapes. Some of them need a power socket, while others work with only a USB. So, ensure to check the compatibility before you buy a monitor. Advantages of having a widescreen monitor include;

  • Having a widescreen monitor helps you to work with multiple programs and manage your tabs in a better way simultaneously.
  • You will be able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, which is great for maximizing productivity.
  • Using multiple screens at once is confusing, time-consuming, occupies more desk space, and leads to mistakes. Getting a widescreen monitor will allow you to get rid of multiple displays.

7. High-Speed Internet

Another one of the essential home office necessities is an internet connection. Although it is evident that you have probably already got your internet access for your home office setup – the point here, however, is high-speed.

Most people who are just getting started to work from home often overlook the internet speed level they need to get the tasks done. Working from home means you are going to need to arrange video conferences with your clients and colleagues. Similarly, if you are a program developer, you will send files back and forth.

So, to make sure to do all of these tasks smoothly, you need fast speed internet. It will save you from depression, frustration, and a considerable amount of time. Some advantages of a high-speed internet connection include;

  • A high-speed internet speed helps you to run your business smoothly.
  • Having fast internet is also reliable, secure, and dependable. It also boosts your speed, allowing you to get more tasks done promptly.
  • Working with a slow internet connection is frustrating and stressful. Fast internet will load your websites and upload your attachments quickly, which will save you more time.

8. Surge Power Strip with USB Ports

Working from your home office means the setup will grow surprisingly. As you become more comfortable tinkering with the layout, you will need to add more new tools. So, all the tools you will add also need a power source to run. That is why having a power strip with USB ports is another must-have home office necessity.

When buying a power strip, make sure it is featuring USB ports and has surge protection. This will offer you peace of mind by keeping the power at a safe level where there are multiple devices are connected. Moreover, a power strip with USB ports means you do not need to worry about devices running out of power. The benefits of a surge power strip with USB ports include;

  • Adding new tools to your home office set up and providing them a power source will be more comfortable. You will be able to plug in multiple devices at once without worrying about them running out of power.
  • You’ll have peace of mind by not worrying about power surge since it will keep the power at a safe level.

9. All-in-One Printer Scanner

Another one of the best home office necessities to have is an all-in-one printer. When compared to printers, faxing machines, and scanners, having an all-in-one printer is incredibly convenient. In simple words, an all-in-one printer comes with the benefits of having all the four extremely important features in one single machine – photocopier, scanner, faxing, and email.

It means you don’t need to buy separate machines for all of these tasks. Moreover, an all-in-one printer also occupies less space and makes it easier for you to print, scan, fax, and email documents from a single machine. This type of printers is exclusively designed for small business users or people working from home.

Here’re some key benefits of adding an all-in-one printer to your home office setup;

  • An all-in-one printer is exceptionally convenient as it offers multiple additional features that otherwise you may have to purchase separately.
  • Another great benefit of an all-in-one printer is its space-efficiency. Rather than designating a space for a copier, printer, fax machine, and scanner, you can perform all these tasks with one machine. It is essential for people who want to make the most out of their available home office space.
  • An all-in-one printer is also power-efficient. It needs only a single cord to power up the device. It also reduces cable congestion.
  • Purchasing machines like printer, copier, fax machine, and scanner separately cost significantly more than buying an all-in-one printer. Although an all-in-one printer’s cost is higher than purchasing a printer, the overall cost is considerably less than buying multiple machines.

10. LED Task Lights

Adding adequate lighting to your home office is essential for your health. It is also one of the essential home office necessities often overlooked. While setting up a home office, many people think having the room lights is enough or rely on on-screen light when working.

Adding task lighting to your home office setup provides you proper lighting, allowing you to get the tasks done in a better way. Moreover, studies have indicated that lighting conditions and productivity has a healthy relationship. Low lighting also causes eyes to strain and decrease efficiency and productivity. Seeing should be effortless, so task lighting is essential to have. Adding LED Task Lighting benefits include;

  • They allow you to customize light at your workplace to meet your requirements best.
  • LED task lighting also offers health benefits and increase comfort levels, helping you to boost your productivity.
  • Task lighting is also energy-efficient, and instead of adjusting the correct lighting from overhead fixtures, task lights are better at providing adequate lighting.

11. Filing Cabinet

In the beginning, you’ll start with a clear desk. However, over time, notes and documents will begin to add up, making your home office setup look messy, which will cause frustration, distraction, and loss of time that you will spend trying to find documents. You have to keep documents and files organized to stay on top of this.

So, filing cabinets are another one of many home office necessities you need to add to your home office set up. It will help you to keep important documents organized, so you can easily find them when required. Moreover, the right filing cabinet will also provide privacy and security for your documents that a computer cannot.

Benefits of having a filing cabinet in your home office setup include;

  • A filing cabinet can hold a massive number of files without occupying much of your available home office space.
  • It also allows you to organize your essential documents in a better way to make it easier for you to retrieve them quickly when required.
  • Filing cabinets also feature locks to increase the security and protect the privacy of your confidential documents and information stored within them.

12. Paper Shredding Machine

When it comes to keeping confidential and sensitive information protected, having a paper shredding machine is essential for home office necessities. While working, most of us create files containing sensitive information, such as financial statements, bills, bank statements, etc. So, to keep them protected, a paper shredder is what we need.

It cuts papers into strips, making it impossible for others to access confidential and sensitive information written on them. These papers are then collected and recycled. Major benefits of adding a paper shredding machine to your home office include;

  • Having a paper shredder makes it possible to properly dispose of the documents containing confidential information to avoid mishaps like identity theft.
  • Uncountable trees are cut down to make paper. So, to protect nature, it is essential to dispose of the paper so it can be recycled and reused. In this regard, the use of a paper shredding machine is a fine way to preserve forests.
  • Piles of paper also increase the risk of fire. So, the proper disposal of paper documents is essential.

13. Smart Speakers

Although listening to your favorite music is through headphones is excellent to keep your focus on your work. However, sometimes it is worthy of using speakers to listen to your favorite music to recreate an office’s feel. Having a good-quality speaker in your home office will fill it with your favorite music, allowing you to relax and focus on your work.

  • Freelancers and small business owners spend a lot of time working, which can take a toll on their mental health. So, having a speaker will help you through meditation.
  • If you spend most of your time sitting in front of your computer screen, there will come a time when you start feeling restless. So, having a speaker will allow you to try a 7-minute workout to help you burn calories. Regular exercise also helps to improve mental health and promotes creativity.
  • While working from home, time management is vital. If you have a smart speaker, it will be easier for you to plan your day.

14. Stationary

When working from home, getting the best office stationery is another important home office necessity. A home office setup allows you to get creative with your workstation. So, having the best home office stationery is vital to ensure the setup you have created is working for you.

While buying stationery items, try to purchase in bulk since it will cost you less. Moreover, buying stationery in bulk will also cover you for weeks or months. Here is the checklist of home office stationary;

  • Pens.
  • Pencils.
  • Printer paper.
  • Notebook/Notepad
  • Highlighters.
  • Staplers and staple pins.
  • Staple remover.
  • Folders.
  • Binders.
  • Documents holder.
  • Scissor.
  • Paperclips.

15. Coffeemaker

Studies have shown that having a coffee machine in your home office helps to boost your productivity. Coffee is one of the most favorite beverage that keeps us alert so we can stay on top of our tasks. Going out to get a cup of coffee takes a considerable amount of time. So, having a coffeemaker in your home office allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee whenever you want while still being at work.

Giving yourself access to a hot cup of top-quality coffee whenever you will do wonders. Some key advantages of having a coffee machine as one of your home office necessities include;

  • We all need a little break during work hours to be more productive. So, having a coffeemaker in your workplace will allow you to have a cup of coffee at any time of the day to boost your energy levels.
  • A coffeemaker will also save you time. If your workplace doesn’t have it, you will have to go out to grab a cup of coffee. Leaving your workplace and then waiting in line to order a cup of coffee takes considerable time.
  • Having a coffeemaker in your office also makes the atmosphere more comfortable and relaxing to keep your mood happy.

Final Thoughts

Working from home is great. In the beginning, it might seem hard, but over time with practice and some creative thinking, you will be able to create a productive, relaxing, and incredibly enjoyable workplace. However, to make your home office setup effective, you need some investment to add some tools and equipment to boost your productivity. Adding the above highlighted 15 home office necessities will take your home office to a whole new level. Stay Productive J


Q: What are some must-have home office necessities?

Ans: Some home office necessities that every home office setup needs include a desk, a comfortable chair, a laptop or desktop, high-speed internet, and adequate lighting.