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How to Make Money from YouTube Without Making Videos?

Of course, it is possible to make money from YouTube without making videos. You can earn at least $100 without creating any videos or showing your face.

YouTube is an incredibly popular video platform and the best one to generate passive income to achieve financial freedom. Yes, many other ways allow you to reach financial freedom, but when comparing the time investment and the income, there’s no other way to beat YouTube.

However, it is not easy to generate passive income from YouTube, and it takes a lot of hard work, especially at the beginning. It is more challenging than your full-time 9 to 5 job, but once you set everything up, it will be entirely passive, and you can quit your full-time job.

It’s hard for many of us to create regular content for our YouTube channel to keep it updated. That could be for several reasons, such as skills, equipment, or time. Another problem that YouTube users encounter is to have at least 1,000 followers and at least 4,000 hours of watch time to generate revenue from YouTube.

So, how to make money from YouTube without making videos?

Here is a comprehensive guide that you can implement today and start making money from YouTube without making videos.

A Comprehensive Guide: Make Money from YouTube Without Making Videos

1.     Find Your Niche

One of the best and easy ways to make money from YouTube without making videos is to find the type of videos you watch the most on the platform. For instance, I like streaming a lot of compilations, the top ten videos, or pranks. So, why is that relevant? Well, here you will find your gold mine.

Most YouTube channels that we watch are not producing their content. These channels research and find videos that they can re-upload on YouTube to make money. They monetize their YouTube channel through affiliate marketing or advertisements.

Yes, it is legal and comes within fair use. In this regard, a perfect example is “Goalcast,” which is one of my favorite YouTube channels. The channel regroups motivational speeches from famous people in various formats. You can make use of your passions to improve the quality of your content.

But what is a niche?

A niche means a profitable segment of a market with a targeted audience looking for a solution for their problem. You come up with a solution and market it within your respective niche. You can further segment a niche into multiple categories(sub-niche).

So, how to find a profitable niche for your YouTube channel?

Here’s how you can pick a profitable niche for your channel to make money from YouTube without making videos.

·         Follow Your Passionate Niche

If you dig into the niche business you are passionate about, it would be easy to get massive profits from this market. Let’s suppose you are passionate about fishing. You know what type of reel is popular and what type of content will entice the targeted audience to buy something online.

By following your passion, you would know the groups and communities where topics like these are discussed the most, and you can promote your product at the right time.

·         Check the Market Value of Your Chosen Niche

Before you jump into any niche, you should research to get a clearer idea about niche worth. It comes in handy in the decision-making process of whether it is a good idea to go for it or not.

·         Look into Past and Current Trends

Before you jump into any niche for your YouTube channel, make sure to analyze trends. The process is pretty straightforward. Go to Google Trends and type your niche. There you will see the stability of your niche. Also, make sure that it shouldn’t be seasonal.

·         Identify Your Niche Market Problem

The niche you have selected for your YouTube channel must have a problem to solve. Think about people looking for a solution, such as “how to lose weight.” It is a serious issue, and if you find a useful remedy that can solve this problem, you can generate a lot of money from YouTube without making videos.

·         Find Ample Products to Market and Sell

Are there ample Dropshipping or affiliate products to promote or sell online? The answer should be crystal clear, “Yes.”

You can get product ideas from Amazon’s bestseller page. Do this page and penetrate your niche and sub-niche to see what products are there in your niche that you can promote and sell quickly.

Some of the most successful niches that you can choose from include:

·         Funny Clips

Everyone loves watching funny videos to laugh. YouTubers who upload a lot of funny clips have a vast audience. Moreover, you can easily find and edit funny clips, too.

·         Instagram Videos

Another way to make money from YouTube without making videos is to find popular Instagram videos and re-upload them on your YouTube channel. If those videos went viral on Instagram, you are guaranteed to attract a whopping audience on your YouTube channel as well. However, make sure to search Instagram for viral content in particular niches, workout videos, for example.

·         Music

Who doesn’t want to listen to music? It is something that everyone in the world listens to. It means you will find massive success on YouTube with a niche like music. Nowadays, motivational music videos are extremely popular. So, create motivational music videos and get a large amount of audience.

·         Gaming

Another comfortable niche that allows you to make money from YouTube without making videos is gaming. The niche has a vast audience, and it is trendy. Moreover, it will more manageable for you to find gaming clips that you can re-upload on your YouTube channel. In this regard, take advantage of Twitch, where you will find an uncountable amount of gaming clips that you can use.

2.     Find Content for Your Channel

Now comes your content. Access the YouTube search type keywords relevant to your niche. Next, in the filter tab, mark the creative commons and sort by count view. The innovative commons feature enables you to use the content within videos as long as you edit it without violating copyright rules.

Since you are not making your videos to make money from YouTube, you will have to use the Creative Commons license to search for clips that you are going to use.

So, what is Creative Commons or CC on YouTube?

A Creative Common or CC license is among many other public copyright licenses that allow the free distribution of copyrighted content. It is useful when someone will enable others to use, share, and build upon the work that they have created.

It means you can use content already uploaded on YouTube under a Creative Commons license for your content.

So, the question is how to find videos that are created under the CC license?

Well, you can easily find videos that are created under the CC license. Once you have your niche, go to YouTube, and start searching for relevant topics or terms that you want to create content about.

After that, click on the Filter option. Under the Features tab, and tick the Creative Commons option. Once you are done doing this, YouTube will show videos posted under the CC license only. Now you can use any of the content being displayed on the page.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can use the entire video and re-upload it on your YouTube channel as it is. Make sure to take a video and update it with your intro and outro before re-uploading it on your YouTube channel.

The best practice to make money from YouTube without making videos is to add your channel name in the intro of a video to get more views and subscribers. If you are uploading a CC video without updating its intro and outro, you promote other channels rather than your own.

Now, since you’ve downloaded the videos you will use to create your videos, you need to use video editing software. However, you are only re-uploading the pre-existed videos on your YouTube channel after some necessary edits. So, you don’t have to pay for a paid video editing software.

In this regard, a free video editing software that I use is “HitFilm Express.” Though it is free and easy to use, you can use any other software that is convenient for you. Once you have a video editor installed, search for free YouTube intro and outro templates.

You will find plenty of these templates to choose from. Download a template from the link given in the description of the YouTube. After that, you are ready to edit your videos.

·         So, how to edit your videos?

Once you have an intro and outro template, you can edit your videos. Add an attractive 20 to 30 seconds clip to start your video with. That starting clip will attract more people and grab their attention.

This starting clip gives your audience a reason why they should watch your video and demonstrate what to expect from it. After that, add in the intro, content, and outro in the end.

3.     Create Your YouTube Channel

You need to create a YouTube channel for yourself and brand it appropriately that should be suitable for your niche to make it look professional. Add a logo, profile picture, and a professional-looking banner.

After that, include your bio in the given sections. Do not forget to include keywords with a high volume of research. In this regard, you can use useful tools like Keywords Everywhere or Ubersuggest to check keywords stats. It will ensure that your channel won’t be considered as a robot and banned from YouTube.

4.     Start Posting Your Content

Once you have a bunch of content and set up your channel, it is time to re-upload that content. In the beginning, your concentration should be to re-upload at least three videos a day. You’ve to re-upload a lot of content initially, which will help your channel get discoverable by people.

After you start getting some views on your videos, you can lower the re-uploads to a video per day. However, do not give up if your videos are not getting views. Be patient and keep re-uploading your content. Gradually, you will start getting exposure and views.

5.     Optimization of Your Content

To make sure your content on YouTube brings you success, you have to understand the parameters that generate revenue. It is based on click-through rate and watch time. You can optimize your content on YouTube using the following strategies:

·         Use a Target Keyword to Rename Your Video Files

Just like written content optimization, your YouTube videos also need some optimization to rank. That said, the first place where you should use a targeted keyword is your video file. Rename it using your targeted keyword before you upload it onto your channel.

·         Add Keywords Naturally in Your Video Title

When searching for videos, the first thing that our eyes are drawn to is the video title. A video title also determines whether or not a user will click to watch it. So, make sure to create a compelling, clear, and concise title.

·         Optimize Video Description

As per Google, your YouTube video description’s character limit should not be more than 1,000 characters. Though you can use all of that space, remember your viewer came here to watch the video rather than read an essay.

Moreover, if you write a longer description, YouTube will show only the two or three text lines (about 100 characters).

·         Use Popular Tags Relevant to Your Topic

Using tags relevant to your video is an excellent practice to let the viewer know what your video is about. However, using relevant tags means you are not only informing your viewers but informing YouTube as well.

Moreover, relevant tags also help YouTube associate your video with similar videos, which is excellent for expanding your content reach.

Pro Tips to Make money from YouTube without making videos

Creating a schedule is crucial if you want to make money from YouTube without making videos. If you have no schedule, you will get overwhelmed. So, create a schedule.

Make a day where you should only edit videos, another day to produce attractive thumbnails, and another one to re-upload videos on your channel.

Wrapping Up

That is how you can make money from YouTube without making videos, doing screen share tutorials, or without showing your face. If you think this guide is helpful, let us know in the comment section below.



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