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7 Ways To Increase Website Traffic In A Hurry

It’s time to learn how to increase website traffic like lightning since now is the perfect moment for it. Because many have access to and frequent the world wide web, it’s the right time to sell. According to Statistica, as of July 2022, there are over 5 billion internet users. 4.7 of them are on social media platforms too. Plus, people also wish to continue working at home. Still, it’s even likely that there will be 266.7 million or more online shoppers this year too. Thus, it’s safe to conclude that knowing how to get more traffic matters a lot right now.
Even if you might have tried everything but can’t seem to get the type of audience and numbers you want, don’t worry. Many site owners struggle to get more visitors and have longer sessions on their pages. You only need to try different methods and see which one is effective for you. In this blog post, we’ll tell you 7 strategies that may help drive more traffic to your website.

1. Enhance Page Responsiveness To Increase Website Traffic

One of the most practical ways how to get more traffic is to do something about the layout of your website. That is to say, you could have more visitors by optimizing your page for various kinds of users. Take note that people don’t only use desktop computers nowadays. As mentioned by a statistic, back in 2019, more than 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. So it would be smart to make your website more accessible and enjoyable on various machines.


increase website traffic

Viewable On Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet

Part of the strategy for this is establishing media query breakpoints in code. These codes help render content right. They help put in place a pleasant and even attractive layout. With them, audiences enjoy seeing things across diverse screen sizes and resolutions. The codes make sure that images and other things on a website appear as intended. They ensure that objects won’t look misshaped, cut out, and unclear. Yet, aside from that, there’s considering touchscreen devices in general. Menu items, buttons, and more must be easy to perceive and interact with by touching or pressing. So you might have to test your website’s responsiveness by having different gadgets. You can do that or try to check the online tools to assess web design responsiveness.

2. Have Updated Content To Increase Website Traffic

As mentioned by Niel Patel, co-founder of NP Digital, updating old content helps. Bringing in new things to your website can also be how to get more traffic. It even makes sense since Google or even most online consumers choose what is “relevant” to the times. So, to keep your site “modern”, you can try updating sections of it. Besides, it makes for a good strategy since the means to upgrade a page are many and often not that difficult to do. So it’s sensible to try them.
What may work is to update old entries with new and appropriate information. Do the same thing and make any statistical data more accurate. You also can exchange old images and videos with modern versions to display ideas. Still, try adding fresh external links or the latest resources that relate to your content. Make some minor or even major tweaks while fixing problems. In that way, folks will notice your page better. This approach may even get your site indexed or included as one of the top search queries on search engines.

3. Have Backlinks For Better Site Sessions

Also called inbound links, these are beneficial hyperlinks to have. That’s because they come from outside domains and point to sites on your website. They are important since they give search engines ideas that your page is worth noting. Take note that browsers have bots that “crawl” the internet for pages to include in their database. It helps to have links directed to your site to have domain authority. This explains why people spend a lot of money to outsource link-building. So it matters to consider backlink opportunities rather than ignore them.
increase website traffic
You can get this benefit by talking to site owners and asking permission to do guest posting. When you’d share something on other pages, you can put a link to your page somewhere in the body. Others even place it in their author biography section. Another strategy to get more traffic and use inbound links is to look for broken links on websites. Once you’ve found some, ask the website owners or post authors to use your links as substitutes. Still, when you make the content of superior quality, you can let others request links to your page. Having backlinks from others works as well to help with search engine optimization. Hence, sharing and receiving links matter a lot in having better site traffic.

4. Post Evergreen Content For More Site Visitors

Folks enjoy binge reading online, regardless of their initial intention when visiting websites. It’s part of human nature to appreciate and hoard knowledge. Because of this, it makes sense to have content that stays relevant for a long time. With such material, it’s possible to increase website traffic. It may even draw in a lot of people fast since many find this type of post attractive. Hence it’s helpful to keep publishing it.
more sessions for success with evergreen content
There are a few examples of the usual formats of things that become “evergreen” or lasting posts. Lists of facts and top suggestions are usually what people check and return to from time to time. Tutorials and reviews, with or without media, are also appealing. It’s because they are usually informative and give detailed recommendations. Those that tell the news don’t classify as such posts. Posts that show statistical results that change aren’t evergreen entries too. In that way, if you wish to have lasting articles, don’t go for the trend. Rather, share about things that you know people will keep coming back for.

5. Start Or Join A Community or Project

Being social in this way aids to increase website traffic too. After all, chatting or doing things with people to help them often gets people to notice you more. Some folks even reciprocate the kindness they receive. So discover what you are passionate about that relates to your website. Look for a platform to start a conversation about it to create a buzz. If possible, go for known and less popular spaces online. With this strategy to get more traffic, your page may perform better than you expected.
On your website, you can even allow conversations to take place. You should be fine if you’d set up rules to restrict certain actions. After all, people are often drawn to spots on the internet where they can express themselves. You have that option or you could take part in active communities while promoting your site at times. What’s important is that you remain discreet with your intent to drive more traffic to your site. For the most part, focus more on helping people and making them feel accommodated. That is while having conversations or taking on projects.

6. Use Paid Ads To Increase Website Traffic

Usually, it’s how to get more traffic very fast with the use of money. Of course, when you’re able and willing to fork over some cash, you can get folks to work for you. With this approach, you have several options available. You can pay people like influencers for promotional benefits. Bear in mind that many are now online endorsing sponsorship deals and displaying ads. Still, there’s the option to contact companies like Google for the paid search method. Thus, when you have the financial resources, you’ve got plenty of choices to have more site visits.
paid seo for marketing
People can pay for promotions with sites like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Amazon. It’s only that it’s often costly to go for PPC or pay-per-click advertising. That would be since clicks get charged around $3, regardless if they’re going to end up making money. Still, there’s the option to pay affiliate marketers to have things advertised online. But there are pros and cons of PPC and performance marketing. In any case, getting things endorsed online allows better visibility of a website. So going for either approach may be quite helpful already.

7. Social Media To Draw More Attention

Social networking helped many increase website traffic and it’s not surprising too. After all, it involves being a part of online communities with a lot of members. Aside from that, members who wish to get attention share things on the internet. The content shared is not only visible but easy to distribute too. Thus it’s quite helpful to join and be active on social media pages. Plus, it’s cheap and even costless to use a few social platforms for marketing online.
For this to work, you need to know how to get more traffic using best practices. That is to say, avoid sharing too much. Be discreet when it comes to selling ideas, products, and services. Use appropriate media, have timing and consistency, and include catchy phrases when posting. This method may take a while before you can gather a solid and steady audience. Yet, at least, you’ll only have to keep track of your account’s performance. It’s unlikely that you’d have to pay people to do everything for you if you’re willing to spend time to get some work done. Hence, it’s clear why many folks take advantage of social networking pages. It’s simple: they work to have more site visitors.

In Closing

If you want to increase website traffic fast, try some of the techniques we shared. That’s because making changes to your site, paying experts, and socializing may help. Do something about what people see and interact with on your website. Improve on your content and don’t hesitate to connect to many or increase your reach. With these things, it’s possible to even attract a lot of those who are working at home and online shoppers. So the marketing methods outlined are often useful for many site owners.
We hope our quick tips helped you decide which methods to try to draw more attention to your page. If you have any concerns about what we shared or stuff to contribute, please send us a message. Thanks for reading, and good luck marketing your website!

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