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Staying Motivated at Work When Working From Home


Staying motivated at work, even when you are working from home

Working at home is in demand nowadays due to the current situation. A lot of companies are recommending working at home to at least eliminate the spread of the virus. I know we are used to dressing up, driving to work, having lunch with our workmates, and sometimes bar after work. But since we are no longer doing that, we tend to be demotivated. Think of it this way, we are no longer stuck in traffic if are commuters. You don’t have to worry about what to wear the next day because we only have limited clothing to wear. No need to rush yourself because you are late for your shift. And working from home also helps those who cannot afford to pay the rent. At this point, we will talk about how to stay motivated when working at home.


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Here are 14 tips for staying motivated at work from home..

1. Do the usual workday routine.

Try to wake up same time when you are working in the office. Doing this religiously helps your body be ready to work every day. To those who are morning people, make sure to eat breakfast to help us think and work properly. Don’t forget your tea, coffee or your water to help you start your day and stay motivated at work.



2. Have Breakfast and plan your meals


Having breakfast is important. But do not consider if you are fasting. Your body will reward you for in taking good and healthy nutrients in the morning. Those foods will fuel your body to start working and staying motivated at work.

Planning your lunch and dinner ahead of time helps, too. In fact, some believe that a plant-based diet actually helps improve your mood and overall brain function (vegan diet for brain health,   Certainly high fat and sugary foods slow down our functioning so do consider the foods you eat while staying motivated at work at home times.




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3. Exercise Regularly.


Regular exercise is something that we need nowadays. We have to make sure we have strong and healthy bodies. Remember those days when we are still in the office. We don’t have ample time to exercise, you have the feeling of being physically tired and mentally exhausted. This will give you a bad mental state that may result in not being so productive and demotivated. Having regular exercise will increase your energy, regularize your blood pressure, helps control your weight, and helps to strengthen your immune system.

Moreover, it also helps to remove stress, boost your confidence, helps us to sleep better, remove anxiety, and improve the flow of blood into our brains. They say that they don’t have time for exercise. But since you are no longer driving to work, you have more time to use to do other things. Spare time for exercise. It will definitely improve your body and mind.



4. Make a list of priorities.


Make sure you list down your priorities or the important things you need to finish on that day. This will allow you to complete your task in a timely manner.



5. Don’t force yourself to multi-task.


Trying to get your entire task done at the same time will put the quality of work at risk. Watching your favorite Netflix series while working will make you unproductive. Focus on one task at a time, divide your time on each task, and make sure to complete the task within the timeframe before you start another task. This will help you focus and be productive.



6. Wear the right clothes.


I know it is very relaxing and comfortable wearing pajamas or shorts while working, but at least wear something we wear on a daily basis. Clothes have a strong psychological effect on our motivation and ability to work. According to Dr. Karen Pine, a fashion psychologist, and professor of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. “When we put on an item of clothing it is common for the wearer to adopt the characteristics associated with that garment.

A lot of clothing has symbolic meaning for us, whether it’s ‘professional work attire or ‘relaxing weekend wear, so when we put it on we prime the brain to behave in ways consistent with that meaning.” Wearing a coat or dress might look off on a normal day working at home so might as well wear something presentable if you have a Zoom meeting like a presentable T-shirt. For the girls, isn’t it helping you boost your confidence wearing nice lipstick? This will help you make yourself ready and be motivated at work.


7. Work in the best spot in your home.


Again working in bed is the best and most relaxing place to work. But get yourself out of there. Look for somewhere or place you can call your office at home. If you have a table you can place it next to your window to get the best light or somewhere you are relaxed to work. Having a place you can call your office at home will help you be more productive and give you self-motivation at work.



8. Take a break.


Make sure to take a break or you can schedule your break daily to make sure you relax your mind and breath. This is very important because it helps you regain some power and helps you rest your mind from the work. Refill your water or tea, or you might go to the bathroom or sometimes watch television while eating your lunch. Breaks will allow us to reset our minds and be ready for work again.


9. Talk to your teammates.


This will help you create a mindset that you are still working in a normal office but virtually. Talking to them and asking them how are they will also add some excitement to work at home. You can create a group chat on any platform that will help you communicate with each other. This will also help you ask questions or if you need help, you can just send a question to the group chat and they will immediately respond to it.



10. Work on normal hours.


It is important to know your team’s normal working hours to make sure you can adjust your time. Also, let them know your time of work so if they have questions or important things to ask they can get you right away. Working in your normal hour will allow your mind to be ready and not force your mind to work. Make sure to create boundaries like letting them know that you are out at this specific time. This will help you reset your mind and be ready and motivated on the next day.



11. Change location.


This is one of the perks of working from home. Why? You have all the power to change the location of your table. You can put it on your terrace, in the garden, in the living room, or in the dining room. We can also work in our favorite café where we can get our favorite coffee. Or work while on vacation. This will allow you to refresh, breathe some air, and relax while working. But make sure to bring your portable wifi to make sure no hassle if there is no available wifi in the area.



12. Reward yourself.


What makes a job fun and motivating for you? We all know that rewards are the best motivators. Something that we can look forward to so we can eliminate struggling with motivation at work. Make sure to reward yourself every after you complete a certain task or once you are done the entire work for the day. It can be a coffee on your favorite coffee shop, watching your favorite Netflix series, eating out with your family, or maybe manicure and pedicure. Just makes sure the rewards are big enough to stay motivated at work.



13. Develop a positive mindset.


We have to accept the fact that our situation now has a big contribution to how we are struggling with motivation at work. We don’t have the normal office set up and our friends and teammates along with us during work hours. However, we can change our perspective to a positive one. We have to develop a positive mindset and appreciate the benefits of your new work situation. You are no longer stuck in traffic if you are a commuter. Most people save money on clothing, meals, and getting fuel and you don’t have to worry about parking fees. You can maximize your talent and creativity by designing your own workstation in the perfect way to motivate yourself.



14. Love your Job.


This is the last on the list. For me, this is a very important tip on how to be motivated at work. You have to make sure you love your job in all aspects. I know we all agree that it’s very hard to stay focused and stay motivated if we don’t have the love and the passion for what we are doing. When you love what you are doing, you will feel the energy, and creativity and give you the inspiration to be the best version of yourself. And if you are not getting those, take Steve Job’s advice “Don’t settle”.



Who is the boss when we are staying motivated at work?


At the end of the day, we are the boss of our own bodies. We have all the power to do what’s good and make us feel motivated. We have to accept that this is the new normal and we have to look at it on the brighter side. Once we master those tips on how to be motivated, you’ll find that working from home is more fun and exciting.



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