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7 Creative Ways to Maintain Discipline While Working from Home

Working from home has become popular and widespread due to the pandemic. Many people continue to do their jobs from home, and it has become a growing trend. Whether you work by yourself or for someone else, being disciplined and staying on task can be challenging. When you have gotten used to having co-workers around you, getting smartly dressed up for the office, and working in a corporate setting will be far different from your working desk at home. With these 7 tips on how to maintain discipline while working from home, discipline will come easy, and working comfortably and effectively at home should be achieved.



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Working from home online can be more pleasant and productive if you take to heart the 7 tips shared herein.

7 Tips to Discipline Yourself While Working from Home

1. Focus on the Advantages and Benefits Working at Home

When you find yourself joining the work-from-home brotherhood or sisterhood, just take it as an alternative venue for working. Consider the advantages like no travel or commute time that could be a waste of valuable time. Working can be much more comfortable as you have all the amenities right there at home that will take the rough edges out of office-based work. And we have all the technologies available at home, like an Internet connection, a computer, whether a laptop or a desktop, your mobile phone, and wi-fi. Not to mention social media, and remote or virtual meetings via apps like WhatsApp, Zoom, Viber, and more.

Try to step into the shoes of office workers who think otherwise. Try to imagine a typical work-from-home day. Different people have different takes on things. And the advantages and benefits that would come to mind first may be varied.

Now, if you enjoy dressing up for work, then do so even at home. You’re not restricted to office attire, but also some casual wear that looks absolutely decent and gorgeous on you. If it makes you feel good and confident, then do so. Just don’t trick yourself into making believe you’re in the office when you’re in reality doing work from home. That’s definitely weird and scary.

2. Keep Distractions Away

You may be used to watching Netflix while working which is absolutely a no-no.  So don’t be tempted to/ give in to break your resolve to keep working until you shut down your laptop completely. If possible, use a separate computer or laptop; otherwise consider keeping yours out of reach until breaks are over. One trick is to reward yourself with something you enjoy, say watching a Netflix movie or enjoying an online or computer game, when you finish an important task, especially for work.

3. Set Normal Hours

During office hours (Monday through Friday), pretend you’re working at an office. Get up, dress like you’re leaving the house, and work normal business hours. This will keep your mind in the mindset of working during traditional work hours.

4. Use a Task List

For those who tend to lose focus or have trouble staying on schedule, using a task list can help you stay organized and focused on one thing at a time. For example, write down “write a blog post” or “handle email” before switching screens back to your personal emails or browsing habits that are known to distract you.

5. Treat Sleep Like an Open Window

It might seem impossible at first, but try to treat sleeping as if it were closing your laptop for the day instead of opening it. After all, if you set your laptop out to sleep, it will close all applications before powering down–keep the same attitude when going to bed

6. Try Not to Work from Bed

It can be tempting when you’re tired or don’t feel well enough to go to a desk in another room, but this is exactly what you shouldn’t do! To keep yourself disciplined and on track, make sure that when working from home, there’s no way you could slip into bed for an impromptu nap or two. By doing so, you’ll always have a clear line between work and relaxation time.

7. Reward Yourself for Great Work

Instead of allowing yourself to surf the internet or go on Facebook during breaks, save this time for relaxing! Don’t let your mind believe that it can do anything it wants (even if you want to yourself). If you work hard, give yourself a treat.

Working from home has its benefits and its drawbacks. Being disciplined is often one of the hardest parts of working from home because there’s no one to remind you to stay on task or stop daydreaming. With these seven tips, however, staying focused will be easy as pie!

These 7 tips will help anyone trying to maintain their discipline while working from home. They can be used by people who work from home and those who still go into an office to maintain their discipline. Have any tips of your own? Leave a comment below!

Strategies to Be Productive at Home

Working from home can get boring over time. Sometimes, it also affects your productivity and you end up wasting your time. Here are some ways that will help you be productive at home:

Make a List and Check it Twice – It can be hard to stay focused while working from home because there is no one telling you what to do or where to go next. Make a list of everything you need to get done and check off each item as it’s completed. This will make the tasks feel more manageable, and getting things checked off will motivate you even more!

Make the Room Temperature Right for You

Working from home means you probably aren’t wearing real office clothes and shoes instead of PJ’s and bunny slippers (or worse yet, nothing at all). While this might seem like an awesome perk, it can also cause distraction over time. If you’re feeling tired or unmotivated, try turning down the temperature in your home. This will help you believe that it’s time to get dressed and get to work!

Reward Yourself

Working from home can be great, but only if you (actually) play by the rules. Reward yourself for a job well done–it could be anything from having a piece of cake after dinner to giving yourself an hour of Netflix time during lunch! Just make sure that when you are working at home, you wouldn’t fall asleep or veg out for hours on end instead of getting work done.

Make Some Noise

If all else fails, break out the noise-canceling headphones! These are perfect for keeping distractions at bay while also helping you feel more productive.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to stay focused on your work even if you are working from home. Productivity comes naturally when you’re using all the right tactics!

Why Working From Home Can Be More Productive

work from home

The lady above feels relaxed and focused doing work on her laptop right in the privacy and amenities of her home. Some people thrive in solitude and a quiet environment especially when concentration and creativity are needed.

Many people think working from home is distracting and unproductive, but it can actually be the opposite! Here are three reasons why working from home is more productive:

Manage Your Own Time

Working from home means you get to set your own hours. This means that there isn’t a boss looking over your shoulder every five minutes, and that’s an advantage! Plus, if you work during “off” hours, you’ll have fewer distractions around and better chances of getting things done.

Do What You Do Best

When you’re at work in an office or other busy place, you might not want to draw attention to yourself by doing what comes naturally. However, when working from home this is exactly what you should do! Doing what makes perfect sense for your personality is exactly what will make you more productive.

Take Breaks When Needed

Being productive while working at home is all about balance. If you get too exhausted or unfocused, take a break! Go for a walk outside to clear your head, eat lunch at your desk in front of the computer–whatever it takes to recharge and refocus yourself. So that when you are back at work you’ll have just as much energy as when you started out that morning.

Working from home can be highly rewarding because it allows people to focus on their strengths and gives them flexibility with their time. When used correctly, productivity will come naturally!


Supporting Strategies When You Work From Home

work from home

Your home office could be anywhere you please, like in this case, her bedroom where the restful and peaceful atmosphere allows full attention to her work.

Working from home takes a lot of discipline and you have to be prepared to put in not only your best but also a lot of time, effort, and dedication. Here are a few strategies that will help keep you on track when you’re working from home:

Stay Healthy

Working from home can sometimes make people miss out on the social aspects of work. So, it’s important to stay connected with your co-workers. Hold morning or afternoon tea times so everyone can get together and talk about what they did the day before or share an interesting article they’ve read. This is a great way to break up the monotony of working alone all day.

Travel If You Can

Sometimes going into an office space for a change of scenery is good for the soul–and the productivity levels! Even if this means taking a train or car to a different city. If you’re stuck at home all day, sometimes a location change is just what you need to feel motivated and re-energized!

Plan Your Day Together

If possible, plan your days together with your co-workers. This means sitting down every morning or afternoon and mapping out what everyone will accomplish that day. Include how long they think each task will take and who they need to talk to about it. Then make sure you all stick to the plan!

Working from home is rewarding but can also be challenging–just remember these simple strategies for keeping yourself on track when working alone!

How to Stay Motivated for Work

motivated to working home

A more professional-looking home office would make anyone like her enjoy working right at home in privacy and without distraction, with the comfort and amenities just a few steps away. One feels more secure and does not have to worry about traffic and getting home tired and late in the evening.


Staying motivated has got to be one of the hardest things to do when working. There are days when you’re just not feeling it, but following these tips will help you feel motivated again!

Keep Track of Your Accomplishments

It can be easy to lose track of all that you’ve done when working from home. If this happens, take some time at the end of each day to record what you’ve done on a piece of paper or in an Excel spreadsheet. This way you’ll always know what you got done and won’t have any trouble getting back on track tomorrow!

Every Night, Make a Plan for the Next Day

To make sure your motivation stays high the next day, make a plan for yourself before bed. Write down everything that needs to be accomplished the next morning and then do something relaxing before heading off to sleep. Letting go of the stress will make you much more motivated in the morning!

Be Nice to Yourself, Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Work is serious business, but that doesn’t mean it should be taken too seriously. If you’re feeling unmotivated to work, try winding down for a bit by watching your favorite TV show or reading a fun book.

You might even want to plan an outing with friends on a weekend. These steps are meant to help make sure you stay productive–not to distract you from your work!

Feeling unmotivated at work can be discouraging, but by using these simple techniques you’ll find yourself feeling ready to take on anything the next day.

Working independently allows employees to maintain a work-life balance. Many workers enjoy this freedom and often take full advantage of it. However, flexibility comes with an important responsibility: employee discipline.

Importance of Work-Life Balance

Work can sustain you especially financially. However, it can also drain one’s energy when allowed to overwhelm the person. This is why most workers, particularly telecommuters, appreciate flexible work schedules. While it allows them to maintain relationships with friends and family, discipline remains necessary for it to be effective.

These tips will allow you to have a stable work-life balance:

Know the Kind of Work You’re Good At, Pursue It, and Enjoy It!

This is especially true for those who pursue or engage in freelance careers. As they may work on different projects at different times, one must learn how to remain productive no matter what their current activity entails. Here are seven tips that will help you stay focused and disciplined while working from home:

Stay Healthy

Working long hours by yourself can take a toll on your health if you’re not careful. To avoid this problem, try going for a walk every day or following a regimen of healthy eating, exercise, and meditation. Allow yourself to relax and get your bearings in between work sessions. Not only will you be more active throughout the day, but you’ll also feel better as well!

Create a Work Schedule for the Day

Creating a daily outline of what needs to be done would remind you of what tasks should be prioritized first. This way, it’s easier to stay motivated throughout the day. For example, avoid procrastinating or randomly doing work that (is) may not be necessary at that moment

Set Goals and Track Your Progress

Setting monthly or weekly goals create great motivators for any worker. If they’re done correctly, you can even reward yourself when completing them! Just make sure your goals are challenging yet realistic–overwhelming yourself is never a good idea!

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media, like Twitter and Facebook, can be used for work purposes. If you’re having trouble staying motivated to work for the rest of your life. Joining online forums dedicated to your career field can help. Not only will it give you something productive to do during breaks, but it’ll also make it easier to network!

Find Something You Love Doing

When working from home or engaging in freelance careers, there’s little chance of getting a job that you love and excel in. However, finding a hobby that you truly enjoy will always provide an enjoyable distraction from those less-pleasurable aspects of work. Whether it’s reading books or watching movies, anything could help as long as it’s something you truly love! It could be painting, photography, or model building.

Or it could be favorite pastimes or recreations like reading books or watching movies.  Anything could help as long as it’s something you truly love!

Be Efficient with Your Time

Lastly, being efficient with your time is one of the important prerequisites of self-discipline when working from home. There are many ways to be more productive that don’t require a lot of effort. For instance, try working in short bursts and reward yourself for getting tasks done on schedule. This way, it’ll make it easier to feel motivated while at work from home! If those methods still aren’t effective enough, consider hiring a virtual assistant or freelancer from websites like Freelancer or Upwork. Not only do they often provide great value, but they can also help keep you on track when feeling unmotivated!

These tips have allowed telecommuters everywhere to improve their work-life balance and overall efficiency with their work-from-home commitments. Always remember to maintain discipline while working from home. It can make the home office a lot less stressful and more fulfilling!


She has every right to doze off in the middle of a work-from-home task. We’re not robots and we need rest. When she wakes up, she’d have the energy and ideas to wrap up her work.

10 Reasons Work-From-Home Is Good

1 Flexible Schedule

Some people are night owls and some people are at their best during the daytime. There are days when you feel better and days when you don’t. And so work-from-home provides a more flexible work schedule.

2 No Office Distractions

When there are other family members, you can work peacefully in your bedroom or the home library. If engaging with your loved ones gets you more in the mood for working, then do your work in the living room where you can connect with them.

3 No travel time, traffic, and crowds

The hours consumed in travel time can instead be used for short rests or added to your productive hours.

4 Dress any way you like, but appropriately

You can wear comfortable clothes, can change into any get-up anytime, or dress up to make yourself feel good.

5 A more relaxing environment

The home is a more relaxing and laid-back environment compared to an office. Period.

6 Have more time to rest when needed

There are home office works that can be tiring to both the mind and the eyes and are time-consuming. And taking a rest would take care of those.

7 Learns how to manage and use time

As you get used to your work-at-home routine, you discover ways to be more efficient, thus, making you manage available time wisely.

8 No distractions like those in an office

Unlike in a typical office, distractions may never be avoided. In your home office, any form of distraction can easily be eliminated.

9 Create a home office environment that you like

Yes, you can set up your work environment at home any way you please. As long as it makes you feel good.

10 Have more time with family and loved ones

Bonding with your loved ones can make you feel good and relaxed. You can also ask for some ideas and suggestions related to your work.

6 Reasons Work-From-Home May Not Be That Good

1 Lacks the sense of energy present in an office setting

For people who get energized in an office setting, a home office setup may not provide the same.  It all boils down to one’s personality: one who is gregarious and sociable and one who needs solitude.

2 Maintaining a routine may be a problem

For work that’s best done routinely, a home environment may not be feasible. Then again, sometimes creative work doesn’t.

3 Naps that go too long

This may happen and it may take up some valuable time from your work hours. But not a problem when you can extend your work hours to catch up with your quota. you easily make up for it by

4 The excitement in an office setting is missing

For those workers who love excitement, the home office may not provide be boring and unexciting.

5 Need to call or hold a Zoom meeting with a work colleague when help is needed

If you don’t have the app on your laptop, then you can’t hold virtual meetings with any of your office colleagues. Maybe not part of your typical work-from-home activities, but then simply download an app for such and you’re all set up.

6 No officemate around to help you when you hit a snag with your assignment

Sometimes a flesh-and-blood officemate can offer help in no time, but impossible to happen when you’re working from home. And there’s no one around to help you.


Both work-from-home setup and traditional office-based employment have their advantages and disadvantages. And their pros and cons hinge/rest on the worker or individual himself. They may find one or the other setup more in tune with their profession, skill set, work preference, expectation, health condition, and lifestyle. Add to the mix certain freedom and flexibility.

Also, certain jobs or professional work would be better carried out as work-at-home employment, and others as land-based ones. Again, things like the type of work, the person’s skill sets, motivation, goals, work style and preference, and of course, most importantly, one’s line of work or profession would determine the better or best choice/setup. And to maintain discipline while working from home should always be observed.

Having stated all these, it’s so exciting to speculate what the future holds for the kind of employment or work setup that will evolve next.



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