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Know how to easily clean dust out of PC parts- Keeping your computer clean and dust-free


Dust seems to accumulate everywhere and often covers our computers. It’s important to know how to easily clean dust out of PC parts and peripherals. With proper maintenance, our computers last longer and perform better.

Most of us now are working in our own homes. Due to the pandemic, we needed to set up our own PC or the dual monitor panel since we are using a laptop. It is also our task to make sure we take care of our PC and laptop whether we own one or needed to borrow from the company.


easily clean dust out of pc


Dust accumulation is a common problem, whether it’s in the normal office or it is a home office setup. There are many possible changes that our computer desk may get very dusty. This dust accumulation not only makes our computer desk and the PC dusty but it can also create problems for our expensive computer device or Laptop.


Easily Clean Dust Out of PC more frequently

Of course, a little bit of dust is not going to hurt things, but if left unnoticed, a few particles turn into a whole bunch of particles, and before you know it, our computers are caked with dust debris. This prevents airflows from reaching toasty components, like CPU, which heat up faster more often. Too bad for the computer.

Since we are working inside our own home, we also tend to eat in front of our PC and forget to clean it or simply remove some small food particles inside the keyboards and monitor. It is very important to make sure we clean them every after of before we use them. I understand that we are the only person using it, but it is still important we maintain cleanliness in our workplace.

We have to learn and religiously do it since there’s no other person who can do that unlike when we are in the normal office setup. We cannot depend on our housekeeping now, we are responsible for this. Let’s talk about how to maintain the cleanliness of not just the working station, but also the computer we are using.

cleaning keyboard

Not just the PC

When I was working in the office, I used to bring wet tissue and alcohol with me. Fifth teen minutes before my shift I started cleaning and wiping the keyboard, mouse, and monitor to remove the dust and other particles from the previous user since we shared PC. Even the chair I am using, I see to it that it’s cleaned and sanitized.

Now that I am working from home, I always do the same. I always have wet tissue next to my working table. First, before turning on my PC, I spray alcohol on the keyboard, monitor, mouse, and desk. Then I will use the wet tissue to remove the dust particles on it. This will help the PC live long.

If you are seeing the dust forming all over the tabletop just clean it. If you don’t have wet wipes, simply use a damp cloth or maybe an old t-shirt that you no longer use. Why is it important to keep our electronics free from dust?

Why is it important to keep them clean and dust-free?

  • It is cost-saving. Maintaining them cleaned and dust-free prolonged their life span so we don’t have to buy them every time they are damaged.
  • It helps us focus on our work. Well-functioned computers encourage us to work more and promote productivity work.
  • Electronic device lifespan will increase. Keeping the equipment clean will improve the electronics’ lifespan. The dirty the devices are the more vulnerable they are to damage.
  • Reduce the risk of spreading infections from dirt. Regular cleaning of our device removes any germs living on it. This means we can prevent the spread of dirt and related viruses.
  • Safety control. Cleaning allows you to be aware of any damage to our equipment so that we can prevent accidents.



Food and Drinks Don’t Mix with Computers

In some instances and I’m guilty of this, we tend to eat in front of our PC while working. Small particles of our food sometimes fall in our keyboard. What I was doing before is remove the keyboard from where it was plugged and turn it upside down so that the tiny particles and dust will remove. But I’m wrong because it may harm your keyboard. Now I use a special small vacuum for the keyboard to get all the small particles without removing all the tabs and messing them. It is funny what happens to me when I remove all the tabs on my keyboard. I don’t know how to return them all in the proper location. But thank you to Google for helping me. Let me share with you some tips on how to clean your keyboard.

  • Don’t eat while using it. This is the most common advice to make sure or keyboard it clean and free from dirt.
  • Compressed Air. Compressed air is a convenient way to remove all the dust and tiny particles formed between the keys. It is best to blow it outside the room so that the dust will not circulate inside your room.
  • Dust Vacuum. If you think it is not enough to use compressed air, try using the Dust Vacuum. Use the mini USB keyboard vacuum to finish the job. These will ensure every last bit of dirt will be eliminated.
  • Microfiber Cloth. Microfiber cloth is better than ordinary cloth as they attract dirt. Wiping your keyboard using a microfiber cloth at least once a week will prevent the dust and grease from building up.


Easily clean dust out of PC wires, too

Aside from the PC, mouse, and keyboard I always check the wires from time to time. I want to make sure it is also dust-free and bite-free from any bugs and cockroaches. It is dangerous if the wires are damaged and have some bites from our friendly neighborhood. This might cause some accidents and serious damage not only to you, but also to some other family members. I always check and make sure they are properly connected to where they should be. Additionally, I also make sure that the wires are rolled properly so they are not scattered all over the place. I use to roll the wires and use plastic lock wires to put them together. The more messy wires our friendly neighborhood will play.

Also, one thing I remember when I was a kid is my granny using some sort of cover or anti-dust case in our television set. She said that it is protection for the dust. And I must agree that it works for television because it lasts for so long. So I asked my Mom to create a cover for my monitor an anti-dust computer case since they have a small dressmaking business. I know I am lucky. No need to pay for the dressmaker. But if you don’t have resources you can use your old t-shirt to cover the monitor and serve as your anti-dust cover. I make sure to cover the monitor every after I finish my work. I’m happy because my monitor is still working since the pandemic started.


Keep the area clean, too

I also recommend cleaning or wiping down the ceiling blades or if you are using an electric fan. This also contributes to some dust circulating in our room. But keep all precautions in mind while cleaning the blades. Make sure to turn it off and remove the plugin from the main socket. If we have air conditioning in the room, don’t forget to clean it from time to time. We have to consult an expert on doing this to eliminate messing up.

I also suggest using an air purifier. Dust particles are so tiny that our naked eye can’t see them. They are almost invisible to our naked eye until they step on our desks and accumulated. Air purifiers will help us clean the air circulating in our office room and eliminate our effort in cleaning our place.


Clean dust out of PC and clean inside, too

Aside from cleaning the outside part of your PC, you also have to clean it inside. I’m sure we downloaded some files and keep it on our PC. What I always do is to check from time to time if the files I downloaded are still in use or need to delete. Downloading files and keeping them may lead to insufficient memory to use in the future. So before that happens, I see to it that I deleted those that are not needed. We also have to protect our computers from potential threats like viruses, malware, and hard drive failure. I suggest installing anti-virus and anti-malware to protect our computer.

Dusting and cleaning my home office is a bit of a headache for me. But as the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Always keep in mind that we cannot depend on others on doing this. Keeping our computer dust-free and clean is a must now. If we can protect our computer and clean it regularly, our computers will last longer and remain reliable. So you don’t have to spend more money on replacing what was damaged.

Now that we are working inside our home it is very important we clean them considering our situation now. It is very exciting and motivating going to work if you see how clean and dust-free it is. This will give you the willpower to work hard and finish your work daily.



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