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Can I Make Money Using Pinterest?


Pinterest provides a fascinating and compelling visual discovery engine. Launched in March 2010, It now enjoys the popularity of over 335 million users. This social media platform has innumerable photos. But for those wondering how to make money using Pinterest, I’ve designed this guide for you.

Most people use Pinterest for its images based on their interests. And the platform also recommends even more. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest, including house designs, make-up aesthetic, bedroom ideas, travel essentials, and even university outfits for the college-bound. Surely anything that suits your interest finds a place on a Pinterest board.

Now, let us face the big question where many people are in doubt, “Can I make money on Pinterest?”. Well, the answer is definitely yes! Many people find the Pinterest platform provides opportunities for earning an income in several ways with these images. 

Well, are you one of those people who want to know how to make money using Pinterest? Then, maybe you are thinking about the ways to follow so you can start now. Just a tip, it is better to familiarize yourself first with the tools in the platform.

The idea of making money on Pinterest is quite interesting. Through images, you can earn. The best thing about it is not many people know about it, and it’s a gem not yet highly valued. Look at the different ways listed below. These help you learn how to make money using Pinterest with or without a blog.



Make Money on Pinterest with a blog


  • Monetize your blog with advertisements.

This way is one of the simple things to do with your blog, and it is vastly popular. Many people are doing this because it is not that difficult.  In this matter, you need to choose your blogging niche first. 

Either it is about nature, lifestyle, technology, professions, or anything that suits your absolute interests. Even so, you must not just choose your blogging niche based purely on what you like. You should know how to consider the interest of most of the users. 

Content provides the Key

Afterward, you can now proceed in creating your content. Just a tip, make sure that it is always more appealing and attractive among the others. You can use some editing applications like PhotoFunia, Autodesk Pixlr, Picsart, and more to give further highlights to your photos. 

After you finished, you can now share it by posting it on your very own blog. You might get baffled and ask yourself, “Now that I posted photos, how can I make money on Pinterest?”. 

There are two simple ways that you should try. First, you can monetize it with advertisements. Second, affiliate marketing is also helpful, and it will help you make your blog more well-known. Users earn more through affiliate marketing.



  • Apply in affiliate programs under your niche.

Users who have a blog have more chances of being affiliated with companies. Make or search for several affiliate programs that fell under your niche. You can also create a list to make it more organized.

Assure that the company’s product you will be applying for and your Pinterest niche are on the same page. It is one of the vital things because they will ask you about it. Check out the companies websites, and look for “affiliates” that are usually in the bottom part.

Match the affiliate programs to your blog niche

Then, apply to the affiliate programs that suit your blog. There are times when the companies accept applicants right away. Be mindful and show them your creativeness. 

There are also some cases where companies require you to have a long-time experience in using the platform. It is vital to be consistent in applying to several companies. No matter how many disapprovals and rejections you received, keep going. 

Make sure that once they approve your request, give more than your hundred percent best! Because if you do, you can count it as one of your achievements that you can tell other companies that you will be applying for affiliate programs in the future.



  • Pinterest monetization session.

Taking up courses online is becoming popular and widely known nowadays. It is because many people find it interesting and help them to be more knowledgeable. It immensely helps one another in all aspects of life. 

Some examples of courses offered are graphic design masterclass, digital marketing course, data science business, and more. If you think you already learned a lot about Pinterest after months or years of using it, try to create a course. Tackle different methods on how one person can earn using the social media platform; Pinterest. 

Helping others learn how to make money using Pinterest


In this way, you can help other people who are curious about “how to make money using Pinterest?”.You can finally share your thoughts and tips. You can also answer their doubts “Can I make money on Pinterest?”.

It feels so good to share your knowledge and journey. This course will be a big hit because people legitimately earn using this platform. One more thing that is great, when those who enrolled at your Pinterest course become successful, you will accept referrals. 

It means you will have more students, and in that way, you monetize your knowledge and experiences. Now, you are earning with the use of your Pinterest blog and course.

Give your best and motivate your students. Be kind to them and do it with passion. Remind them that it might be difficult on their first try but, it will be worth it in the end.



Make Money on Pinterest without a blog

Can I make money on Pinterest without blogging? Yes, it is possible to earn even though you do not have a blog. However, you need to set up a business account where you can share your photos.

In setting up your account, you need to be sure that it will fall on the niche you want. To know how to make money using Pinterest with just a business account, take a look at the three best ways below.



1. Show your entrepreneurial skills.

Knowledge in marketing and entrepreneurship will be beneficial to you. It will thoroughly help you to earn money using this platform. However, since you are just starting but want to make money, you can show off your entrepreneurial skills instead.

How should you start? Well, think first of the things that you are so good at or your expertise. Something that, when you do, turns out to be great. For example, if you know how to crochet, make beautiful dresses, sketch well, or whatsoever, you can make it a business and post it on your blog. 

Put in the description part how they can order. Once the users buy and love it, you will get referred. It will help your blog to get more known. Higher chances that companies will ask you to have a partnership agreement or have a joint campaign with them.



2. Endorse other brands.

Endorsement of brands, most especially when they are just starting, will benefit your business account. You can promote their products, and when they receive orders because you are posting them, you will get a commission. This way will help you to make money, and you need to be wise in marketing.

To make your account an endorser, you need to check out some brands that will fall into your niche. Choose products that are in demand or appealing to the users. A post that will make them stop scrolling.

If your account is new and does not have many followers yet, it is better to send emails or DMs to small businesses. You will most likely get approval from them about promoting their products.




3. Learn the SEO tools and how to make fancy Pinterest boards.

Now, you know some of the answers if how to make money using Pinterest. Right now, let us learn how to make your blog or business account more known by using SEO tools and Pinterest boards. 

First, familiarize yourself with the keywords for your niche. You can also watch this on YouTube for more detailed information if how this kind of thing works. Assure that your description box is full of keywords so, once a user searches, your image will pop up first. 

The second thing, make sure that you have an attractive Pinterest board and make sure that the photos you shared also match the keywords you stated in the description. 





Now you know the several ways to earn using a social media platform because these five simple ways are of utmost effectiveness. Always be dedicated, passionate, and consistent in your Pinterest journey. With this in mind, you can surely make it happen. 

In addition, you can achieve the goals you set. Moreover, you might think that you do not have the skills to do such things, but no, you only need to learn more. Also, you have what it takes.

To remind you about your doubt, “Can I make money on Pinterest even though I do not have a blog?”. Well, a blog is not a requirement to earn on this visual discovery engine. On the other side, users find it better to have a blog because they are most likely to be approved by affiliate programs. You only need the skills of being creative and always thinking of the best niche. 

Always keep your eyes on the things you want to achieve. May this will help you further in your Pinterest journey. 



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