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Earning Money From Blogging


Publishing blogs aren’t only for self-expression anymore. Now, anyone can learn how to earn from blogging. It may take some time before any blogger could get significant or steady earnings through it. Yet it’s a way to publish content online and allow passive or active income opportunities.

Making money through blogging is possible in different ways. Here, we will explore the different strategies that people do to blog and work their way to getting paid. But, first, it is important to have the necessary abilities to blog.



Essential Skillshow to earn from blogging

Before studying how to earn from blogging, you may want to know how to create blogs first. You even need to do more than sign up and have an account to use a content management system. That’s because you have to publish posts with certain elements to use them for profit.


Here are some basic skills to have before making money through blogging.


Content Writing

Composing short and long blog posts is a very important aspect of blogging. You need to have regular uploads to gain organic traffic online. But your content must be worth people’s time so that they would stay on, return to, and recommend your page.

You Can Use WordPress For Blogging and Money

In most cases, it would be best to write without using too many technical terms. This makes a composition very readable. Have good grammar, spelling, and punctuation every time. This would be for thought clarity and ease when reading. Still, use conversational writing with a friendly tone to make posts attractive. People get drawn to materials that accommodate them in a way.



How Important It Is

The value of content writing is evident, as shown by the GrowthBadger website. Quality content is the most important success factor in blogging, according to research. Many even hire writers because of it.


Basic HTML and CSS Coding

Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is important in giving a website structure. CSS or Cascading Style Sheet is there for the design of a page. Knowing these can help a blogger create the right website for his or her chosen audience. These may even aid in embedding multimedia and setting up widgets and plug-ins.


Coding is an essential part of how to earn from blogging. That is only because codes are what could make a website great for marketing. But this doesn’t mean that there is a need for in-depth programming. Being knowledgeable about the basics of HTML and CSS can already do a lot for a beginner.


Photo and/or Video Editing

Making money through blogging also involves the use of images and videos. This is because multimedia is not only eye-catching but expected nowadays. More often than not, websites that have these things on are the ones that make more income. It’s likely due to their informative and interesting nature.


People don’t have to be the best at creating sounds or narrations for quality audio. They don’t even need to be great videographers. But creating clear audio and visuals that make sense or convey specific messages for blogs is a must. They have to serve as standalone or supplementary media for blog posts.


Importance In Marketing

According to an article by Forbes, the use of media for marketing gets more views. Even in e-mails, people prefer those with things like photos. So it makes sense to have these on.


Marketing Skills

People who want to make blogs to earn money need to have these things too. After all, to get paid online, the idea is to attract people and have them buy something or several things. Knowing how to advertise can allow a person to know how to endorse to make a sale. 


In a nutshell, in blogging, marketing involves coming up with persuasive content. But, of course, it will write-ups will only be convincing when they are informative and clear. This even includes reaching out to a large, or at least specific audience. Still, there’s working on a blog to make it more visible online.



Endorsement Tips

It doesn’t even only mean marketing within one’s blog. It would be best to know how to endorse on different social media platforms too. Using popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter may also help. They can drive more traffic to a blog site.


Specific Ways On How To Earn From Blogging

Affiliate Marketing

A person can become an affiliate marketer to make blogs to earn money. The blogger acts as a middle-man between companies and consumers. He or she makes various blog sites to promote goods online. The goal is to target specific individuals who are potential buyers so they would buy. Through this, earning becomes possible through sales commissions. According to the Payscale company salary data, this pursuit earns about $52,130 per year.


Affiliate marketers look for a niche with likely and established consumers. From there, they make blog entries or full sites for endorsements. On the pages are the specifications, pros and cons, and positive reviews of goods. The marketers often earn on their blogs when buyers make purchases using their links.


Online Selling

There are many ways how to write a blog to earn money by selling online. People can offer their goods or services using blogging platforms like WordPress. On the blog pages, sellers can incorporate plug-ins and widgets. That would be to make the shopping experience possible.


For this approach, bloggers often create blogs with sections on what they sell. On the pages are the product descriptions, multimedia, and sometimes even user comments. Also, e-commerce plug-ins may run to showcase products and make payment processing ready.


Consulting or Coaching

One of the ways how to earn from blogging is by setting up a consulting business online. If you are good at something and can provide sound advice and more to clients, this may be for you. Many are having problems with certain areas in their lives and are looking for experts to help. Thus, it could be lucrative to be an online coach or adviser through your blog.


People who often work as online consultants set up blogs to promote themselves. On the blogs, they endorse their strengths and define services. But, more often than not, it’s for experts who have a registered business. It’s because they can not only market themselves, but have permission to be a consultant.


Make A Paid Membership Website

Making money through blogging is also possible by offering exclusive content. By setting up a blog that has things that only certain members can access, you could earn some cash. This may even allow you to have a steady stream of income.


For this to work, you need to promote yourself first. Establish your online presence by offering something interesting or useful to a niche. Yet you give out free stuff and withhold certain things at the same time. You can then promise access and exclusivity in exchange for membership fees.


Things To Help You In Making Money Through Blogging


Personal Computer with Internet Access

As a blogger, you need to have your machine for blogging. It must be powerful enough to run publishing and other applications. Aside from a computer, you must have a reliable internet connection too. You will need to keep on uploading data for your content. These will help you write, publish, and also continue to learn how to earn from blogging.


Bank or Online Payment Account

Having accounts where you can receive and keep your earnings is imperative. It’s as important as knowing how to write a blog to earn money. Now, customers often have different modes of payment due to different reasons. Thus it makes sense to also set up various accounts for flexibility. In this way, you could receive compensation with ease.


In money matters, though, a person ought to be cautious. This means it is important to set up accounts on services that are reliable. So don’t be in a hurry to have places where you could save and withdraw funds. Make sure that you select dependable companies to handle your finances. An example of what merchants and freelancers use is PayPal and Apple Pay.


Tools For Multimedia

There are stock audio, photos, and videos online that anyone can use for marketing. Yet these are the ones that you should limit using. It’s because others might have used them already. As much as possible, be original. Capture and use sounds, images, and video clips that are yours. Invest in a microphone, camera, or gadgets with multimedia features.


You may also need to use computer programs to edit and publish multimedia content. Thus you might have to download, install, and use a sound, photo, and video editor. Even going for the basic ones can help already.



Creative suite applications offer convenience but are expensive. Those that provide them ask for subscription fees. Yet there are also open-source and free programs for multimedia handling. They may take a while to learn but help in making blog content management cheaper.


In Conclusion

There is a variety of methods on how to earn from blogging. Usually, to earn through it, you need to have specific skills and materials. Aside from that, you must also research the different tips on how people make blogs to earn money. You can earn depending on not only your will but your means.


Yet, even with all the pointers mentioned, trying out different things is important. Folks often make specific strategies work when others can’t. So it’s a trial and error process. You need to try the various techniques or at least those that appeal to you most. You will then discover what’s fit or profitable for you.


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