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A Caveat and Affiliates

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Sound reasonable and fair enough? Let’s continue to the article.


Video Pins. We all know that photos are the usual attraction on Pinterest. However, things changed when pinners started uploading video pins on Pinterest. Pinned videos become game changers for making money on Pinterest that even top brands and creators use them. But what are they anyway? 

What are Pinterest video pins? Pinterest videos are playable pins that appear on the uploader’s home feed and ads. They can sometimes be audible and can play automatically. 

Uploaded videos on Pinterest may sound like a simple thing. Yet to marketers, they are valuable assets for an effective Pinterest marketing strategy.

How? You’ll understand it once you read all the info in this article. Here’s all you have to know about Pinterest videos.


Why use Video Pins on Pinterest? 


There are countless reasons for using a video on Pinterest. The main reason could be to increase brand awareness or improve traffic. But things depend on the pinner’s intention. Below are other reasons many use Pinterest video pins.

  • Effective for attracting the target audience’s attention. Images are proven effective in grabbing the audience’s attention. Now imagine if you use videos. 

Social media users today love watching videos more than looking at photos. Users who just scroll images would often stop for a video. For these reasons, many uses video pins for DIYs, recipe cooking, and product tutorials. 

  • Vital for content. Before, Pinterest content only comprises products, blogs, services, and other creatives. Today, Pinterest became more comprehensive than ever. Because besides photos, Pinterest has become a great place for videos, even those from other platforms. No wonder why video snippets from TikTok and Instagram reels are flooding Pinterest.
  • Increase brand exposure. Pinterest video pins are a fast way to grow brand exposure quickly. Pinned videos, like video ads, can powerfully showcase your service or product. Video pins on the Pinterest mobile app are viewable in a scrollable order, perfect to be easily seen. That’s why many businesses use video pins for Pinterest marketing.
  • Higher engagement rate. Research shows that videos on Pinterest can generate higher numbers than other content on the platform. Video ads have a 30% higher audience reach and 67% clicks compared to 32% of their image counterparts. 



video pins on pinterest

Creating short videos can be fun!


What Videos Thrive on Pinterest?


Pinterest allows users to search and watch videos they are interested in. Data shows an average of 75% of Pinterest users watch videos compared to 54% of Instagram users. To take it up a notch, creators use unique, exciting videos to grab their audiences’ attention. 





Here are some key points to help you create the ultimate video pin for Pinterest.


Grab Attention ASAP 

  • Start with a bang! Remember that it only takes seconds before scrollers pass through your content. So, before they do, grab their attention right away.
  • What is your goal? 
  • What do you want your audience to take action on?
  •  How can you convey your message clearly and straight to the point?
  • Make your intro captivating, especially in the first 3 seconds of your video. Whether you start with moving graphics or text, make your Pinterest video introduction count!


Create an exceptional cover photo 

Like I’ve said, you only have a split second to stop viewers from scrolling. And in that short period, your cover photo is the first thing they’ll see. For this reason, planning can help you get the best out of your cover photo.

Design a cover photo that can stop Pinterest users from scrolling away. If this succeeds, you’ll increase engagements.  


Text Overlay and Subtitles

Aside from having eye-catching cover photos, test overlays are keepers. After selecting your video’s cover photo, add some text overlay between the opening and end. 

Text overlay will add substance and context to your video, particularly if it has no audio background. Speaking of audio, many Pinterest viewers can’t hear your video’s sound while scrolling to their feed. Here, adding subtitles will help them know what your video is about hearing nothing. 

Text overlays, subtitles, and captions are also great ways to become more inclusive for deaf and hearing communities.


Complete Video Pin Details for SEO

Like standard pins, Video Pins with complete details perform better in search results. 

An interesting headline with up to 100 characters is an ideal title. The description must be precise, clear, and have enough information on things your audience wants to know. 

Adding trending and relevant tags can help get accurate indexing. Pinterest auto-suggest tagging will also recommend tags to improve ranks and visibility. Just type in your keywords to get suggested tags. You can also add hashtags, keywords, and tag products in your video to further improve discoverability. 

Now categorize your video pins and link them to your website!


Don’t forget your Brand!


Plain pins perform low compared to branded pins. Similar to other brand marketing strategies, Pinterest viewers will click on something they’ve formed a connection with.

So, before you offer something, build a connection first.  

To use your video pins to increase brand awareness, here’s what you can add:

  • Brand colors
  • Fonts
  • Brand Voice
  • Logo
  • Style consistency
  • Make a mini-series


Use call-to-action words

  • There are two things your video pins should achieve: engagement and conversion. 
  • You’ll fall short if you depend on having high numbers of viewers alone. To make your pins inspire engagement and conversion, you must know how to use CTA words.
  • You can incorporate CTA words in your pin videos by adding words or phrases that promote action. Something like click here, find out more, etc.…
  • Put your CTA at the end of the video and in the description with your offer.


video pins on pinterest

Get help from a friend!



Ways to Make Video Pins for Pinterest

Creating Pinterest video pins has a variety of ways. You can use Canva and IG stories or upload videos directly on Pinterest. Let us start with Canva. 




Create Video Pins using Canva

  1. Go to your Canva “Create Design” dashboard.
  2. But before you start, don’t forget to name your project.
  3. Next, from the options column, click upload and then upload video files.
  4. Now, upload a video you want to edit. 
  5. After the upload is complete, you can add elements or edit your video.
  6. Once you’re satisfied, you can download your project.
  7. To upload the video design to Pinterest, follow the steps on how to upload video to Pinterest
  8. If you have shorter videos like GIFs, you can publish them quickly to Pinterest.
  9. To publish shorter videos, click the share option and drop to “Share on Social.”
  10. From there, look for the Pinterest icon and connect your Canva to Pinterest.
  11. Finally, choose your desired Pinterest board and click publish.


Instagram Stories 

Creating Pinterest videos through Instagram stories is like Canva. Now for the procedures. 

  1. Start by opening your IG account and go to Add Story.
  2. Next is choosing the video you want to use.
  3. After you’ve chosen a video, start working on it. 
  4. Now add elements like graphics, text, and music using the provided tools.
  5. Once done, click the save icon to download your video.
  6. To successfully upload your video to Pinterest, see below.


How to Upload Video to Pinterest

First off, you must have a Pinterest business account to upload video to Pinterest. Still, things can be tricky if this is your first time doing it. To help reduce your confusion, we’ll discuss the step-by-step way to upload video pins on a desktop, mobile, or iPad.

  • Log in to your business account and find the Create option. Next, click Create Pin.
  • After this, a pin builder page will appear. 
  • On the pin builder page, you can drag and drop or upload video to Pinterest. 
  • Then, fill in your pin’s details, such as title, about, alt text, publishing schedule, and destination link. 
  • Finally, select from your existing board or create a new one before publishing your Pinterest video.

Note that even though different devices show different layouts, the principle is still the same.







Promote Video Pins on Pinterest

  • Pinterest’s Video Ads is a paid promotion for reaching your target audience. You can access it using your Pinterest business account. 
  • Pinterest allows you to upload video ads in three ways. It will enable you to set up ad campaigns in various groups. 
  • It’s also called Pinterest Awareness Ads since it’s mostly for increasing brand awareness.
  • Since this is a paid promotion, expect to be charged every 1,000 impressions. It can cost you around five to six dollars or more for clicks.
  • Also, by paying, you can choose the Pinterest area where you want to place your ads. It can be at their home feed, category feeds, or search results. In short, Pinterest ads act like a shortcut to put your content anywhere your target audience is. 



Schedule Your Pinterest Video Pins

  • Scheduling ahead of time can save you enough time to review your videos. It can also help you adjust your posting schedule easily. 
  • Here’s how you can schedule your videos on Pinterest.



Pinterest Scheduling


  • Everytime you add new pins, a scheduling option will also appear.
  • You can find this option beneath the “Add a Destination Link.” 
  • Check it to find a calendar where you can choose the date and time you want to schedule your video. 



Schedule Using Tailwind

  • Tailwind makes scheduling pins super easy with its browser extension. Here are the easy steps to schedule video pins using Tailwind: 
  • Start by downloading the Tailwind Publisher chrome extension.
  • Once done, click the Tailwind icon to access your saved pins and other options. 
  • Then select one or more pins you want to schedule on Pinterest.
  • Below are the number of pins you selected. Click the Go schedule button.
  • After that, you’ll have to choose the boards for your video pins.
  • But before you proceed, put your video pins under the “Schedule All” section. 
  • Now move each of your pins to your desired time slots and schedules.


Using Later Content Calendar

Later is an official Pinterest partner that provides exclusive features to help Pinterest users. Here’s how to use Later Content Calendar to schedule pins:

  • First, upload your video content to Later via Media Library or on your cloud drivers.
  • Now select your video and drag and drop it onto your content calendar. 
  • Then choose from several options to make your video optimal.
  • Now add a clear description and good links.
  • Finally, schedule your video pin and submit it for approval before publishing.



Final thoughts

In a nutshell, you can never go wrong with Pinterest videos. With that, it is a powerful tool to keep your content engaging and exciting. 

After reading through this article, you’ve just learned the fundamentals of videos on Pinterest.

Now, go! Get the best out of your video pins on Pinterest and use them to your advantage. 


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Video pins can be as long as 15 minutes or as short as 15 seconds. 

What is the required format for Pinterest videos?

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