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What Is A Pillar Content Explained


What is a pillar content page and why does it matter to have it? It’s a part of a website that has reliable and often exhaustive information on something. One of its purposes is to provide a reader with a single area where most if not all relevant data on a subject is on one page. Also, it is a significant part of any website since it helps with engagement and promotion. The content aids in search engine optimization or improves page visibility online. Of course, this usually applies to establishing business connections, awareness, and sales. So we can say that it’s meant for having better exposure and establishing a sort of authority on the web. People oftentimes have it for the sake of maintaining and growing their business.


In this post, we’ll explain further its specifics and importance. Take note that they are more than pages crammed with data because of their structure. Included are tips for creating one that is helpful and safe altogether.


What Is A Pillar Content In Simple Terms


Also called a power page, it serves as a “pillar” of a website to give it a good structure. This “post” educates and promotes something to an audience and search engines. Connected to the main site, it often displays the expertise of whoever owns it. That is about a specific topic that he or she wants to rank on sites like Google and Yahoo. Its purpose is to get the attention of readers and to appeal to potential customers. Hence, a broad overview of the subject is there. Included on the page are keywords distributed throughout the article too. That would be to get search engines to make the primary website indexed or made as one of the top search results. Some of these phrases are even used as links. They are there to send visitors to topic clusters for content strategy. So it’s clear why this page has a well-written and often lengthy article on it.

quality content creation

Are you still asking, “What is a pillar article?” People often confuse it with cluster pages but it’s different. This page also contains headers or subheadings. The purpose of this is to break down a general idea or broad thing into smaller sections for better reading. Aside from having subsections, it answers concerns or questions site visitors may have. Thus it’s a page that can link to a lot of posts. With these things in mind, it’s clear why it usually has an article that has at least 1,500 to 3,000 words. Hence, it takes time to make and even requires revision from time to time.


How Does It Relate To Topic Clusters?


What is a pillar content to these bunch of posts? In a nutshell, it is what connects them. Topic clusters often contain in-depth details of a specific subject. They are what provide further explanations to things written in a pillar article. We can say that, as a whole, they give a thorough presentation of a core topic. So they not only relate but also help one another.


In most cases, power pages and clusters have internal links. These hyperlinks connect them. For search engines to get that a pillar content is important, cluster pages have links pointing to it. But these need to have an appropriate anchor text to give the search engines the right message. So, from this, what is a content pillar? It’s what serves to organize a website and helps a lot in search engine optimization.


Benefits Of Having A Content Pillar


What is a pillar content page to an online audience? It’s a place on a website that provides quality content and binge reading. Site visitors often visit websites looking for information. When they find something that delivers a lot of data at once, they often stick around. That is because they often consider that which supplies enough data as authoritative. Plus, so many love to get more than what they came for. Having one or many pillar pages allows for better catering to online guests. Thus it explains why having a site that connects so many ideas to one spot is beneficial.

what is a pillar content

What is a content pillar for site owners? It’s something that helps in organization and content creation. When there is a central piece where the core topic is, there’s a spot that allows for the branching of ideas. Site owners could have clusters of posts with a page to base everything or at least most things on. We can even say that it can give direction to a content creation team to produce quality materials.


What Is A Content Pillar Requiring?


A power page needs certain features for people to treat it as something valuable. After all, folks expect it to be as comprehensive as a website can get. So what is a pillar content supposed to have? It must contain a well-written article that has a specific structure. What are pillar pages usually containing? Here are some of the things that are typical for site visitors to see on a pillar page.


Typical Pillar Site Structure


  • Table of contents. This is usually close to the top of the said page with links to the main headers. This is to send folks who would click on them to the subsections with ease.
  • Description of the core subject.
  • Different headers for the title, chief parts, and extra divisions of a section. These may have selling propositions and closing arguments.
  • Internal and external links. The former are hyperlinks on your domain that contain relevant data to your core topic. The latter are sources that may help you with your reputation. They help to authenticate your claims and improve your trustworthiness.
  • Multimedia. Images, videos, or audio files that explain your content better. Plus, they give visual appeal to a pillar page.
  • Landing page elements. Some of the usual ones are scripts or media that provide evidence to claims and call people to action.


How Do You Get People To Notice It


What is a pillar content page when you can’t get folks to see it? It wouldn’t be so helpful that way. To avail of its usefulness, there should be an effort to promote it. Share it to everyone or at least the right audience for it to work as it’s designed to function. Yet you may be wondering, “What is a pillar article that you made compared to what others created?” Many website owners have pillar sites and topic clusters too. Yet consider that this shouldn’t be a hindrance to you at all. That is in marketing whatever ideas, goods, and services you have in mind. After all, website owners online keep on competing to get people’s attention. So everyone has plenty of chances to make their website more visible than others.


Right now, there are simple strategies that may help when it comes to getting folks to see pillar pages. Here are some of the most basic techniques people try to boost the rank of such pages and their domain.


Promoting Your Content Pillar


  • Try social media marketing. What is a pillar article without a bit of exposure on social sites? Right now, the majority of people connected to the internet have accounts on such pages. Marketing on these platforms may help increase one’s web traffic. It may even lead to paying customers online. So even sharing the link to a content pillar on social media matters a lot.
  • Use e-mail, custom ads, and other marketing means. Electronic messages make endorsements convenient and fast. After all, it isn’t that costly and hard to create promotional media for marketing online. Platforms or tools for them are often free or at least cheap on the internet.
  • Word-of-mouth advertising. Talking to family, friends, and even strangers about your power page may also help promote it. This approach is often free of cost plus enhances site buzz and sales.


Writing For A Content Pillar


What is a pillar content supposed to have in writing? It must have more than a good structure. It needs to contain quality content. This means having the kind of material that looks good in arrangement and delivers data well. That is to say, there needs to be an introduction, body, and conclusion. Between them are subtopics that relate to the main subject. Yet this entry must be long and organized. The information must be easy to follow and keep an audience hooked. So it may take a while to write and have everything.

build a pillar page

Having a lengthy coverage of something isn’t only the goal. The page needs to have good spelling, grammar, and punctuation while being in context too. To add, it should contain well-researched, updated, and accurate information as well. This is for it to be educative, appealing, and engaging altogether. Still, not only for SEO purposes, it could do well to have many internal and external links. That is with the right anchor text. That is so the page would look reliable. Hence, editing and revision may happen from time to time.


In Closing


What is a pillar content page? It’s an extensive content section that discusses a broad subject in detail. The way it is gives a website an organized and rich layout. Usually, though, people create it not only to give structure to their website. After all, it helps grab the attention of potential customers and engage old ones. That is while establishing trustworthiness in one’s chosen industry. So folks pursue its creation even if it can be demanding to make.


We hope that this post covered concerns on the nature of a content pillar as a whole. If you have ideas on the strategies to make and promote it, we’re all ears. Please share to us your thoughts in the comments section.


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