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Home Office Housekeeping Tips for a Pristine Work Environment

Is your home office dirty? Most of us try to keep the area neat, but is it truly pristine? Consider these home office housekeeping tips to ensure your work area is truly clean!

Working at our working table in a long span of time makes it dirtier and tons of germs and viruses are playing around. We eat, chew, sneeze, cough, spill, and touch every day. That’s why our home office can be dirtier and germs playground.


cleaning home office

You don’t need a cleaning staff

When you use your home office often, it also needs regular cleaning too. Cleanliness is a must nowadays because we are still under pandemics. A clean and dust-free floor doesn’t mean any germs and viruses. It has to be sanitized and deep cleaned.

And aside from the fact that we should all be keeping on top of our cleaning at the moment, keeping our workplace decluttered can help boost our productivity.

Clean your home office as much as you charge your phone. Ready your home office cleaning items. I have gathered some tips on how to clean your home office.

Try these office housekeeping tips:


1. Remove all the connections to the main electric socket.

In fact, you need to also remove the HDMI, connection wires, and charges. Once you remove all the wires make sure to clean and wipe all dust from end to end. And set it aside.


2. Fingerprints and smudges abound!

Your computer screen probably has everything from the odd fingerprint to the contents of a surprise sneeze. Cleaning a home office computer screen should be done really, really careful if you’re to avoid damaging it. Turn off the screen, and then wipe the cloth in small circular motions over the screen. Do not apply pressure. Repeat, this time using a cloth for cleaning glasses. You can use a cotton or microfiber cloth to wipe the monitor screen. This cloth leaves nothing behind; no lines, scratches, or spots. Microfiber cloths capture and collect dust without scratching the monitor’s screen. Allow the screen to dry completely before turning it back on. And set aside.


3.  Our desks hold many items.

Your desk is the home of your computer, keyboard, phone, and mouse. Also, all your paper works, accessories, coffee cup, and your lunch sometimes. That means it will need a regular deep cleaning to keep it not just tidy but hygienic too. Here’s a tip on how I clean my desk.

  • Wipe your table with a damp cloth and an anti-bacterial spray. You can use a cleaning product by simply us a combination of water and part white vinegar. This is effective at getting rid of household germs.
  • If you are using a hardwood desk that has been damaged by marks, I suggest using a tennis ball and rubbing it over the scratches. If that doesn’t do the trick, take a little bicarbonate of soda apply it with a damp cloth, and gently rub it. Rinse it with a damp kitchen roll and dry.
  • Make sure to dry the table before returning all the things supposed to be in there.


4. Here’s how to clean your keyboard and computer mouse in a minute.

  • If your keyboard is wired, start disconnecting it from the computer or laptop. If it’s built-in or on a laptop, make sure to shut it down before you get started.
  • Hold your keyboard upside down in a bit to make sure any crumbs or bits of debris fall. Shake it out to remove some dust and tiny particles inside the keyboard.
  • Take a sustainable cotton bud, twist up a piece of kitchen roll, and dip lightly into isopropyl alcohol. Gently work your way around each of the edges of your keys. Remember that liquids and electrics don’t tend to be friends, so you want to avoid getting your keyboard too wet.
  • Use a can of compressed air or the duster attachment on your vacuum, to blast any bits of leftover debris away. You can also use the vacuum to clean it if you have one.
  • Detach all the tabs on the keyboard. But make sure you know how to return it. If not, we can refer to Google. Once done, set it aside.
  • Unplug the mouse and remove batteries if needed, then clean all sides and the scroll with a disinfectant wipe.
  • For laptops, swipe the disinfectant wipe across the touchpad, taking care not to get excess moisture into the openings.
  • Let dry completely before using.


5. We all have different ways how to clean our office chairs.

First,  consider the type of chair we have. Here’s how to clean your chair fast. Start by removing the dust that gets into your chair, as much as possible vacuum the office chair from top to bottom. This will get rid of not just dust but food particles, hair, and muck, too.  The backrest is important to remove all the dust and stain. Wipe the entire chair to remove the dust and spider web. Aim to do this once every couple of weeks, and if you use an upholstery cleaner spray once a year, you’ll find the chair’s better protection from dust and dirt all year round. Sanitize as much as possible.


6. Other commonly touched surfaces to include in-office housecleaning tips

Light switches, doorknobs, and cabinet handles are all surfaces we touch without thinking, and sometimes with dirty hands. A weekly wipe-over with a damp cloth will keep them dirt-free.


7. Sanitizing the telephone and remote controls.

 Disinfectant wipes also work well for cleaning your desk phone. Unplug the device and wipe down all surfaces, including the ear and mouthpieces, cords, and buttons. Aim to clean your office phone daily and immediately after someone else has used your phone. To help keep your phone germ-free, always make sure your hands are clean before using it. And after you use it, don’t forget to clean it.


8. Can you see outside?

Cleaning the windows and office blinds is also important and a must to do. Dust particles are also sitting there that will add up problems in the future. Vacuum on a low setting with a brush attachment. You can also dust the blinds with a damp microfiber cloth. You can use cleaning spray and a damp cloth to wipe it.


9. Here are my tips on how I DE clutters the file cabinets and another file organizer.

  • Remove Everything. For a truly clean workspace, it’s best to start from scratch. Remove everything from the desktop, drawers, and shelves. Then, place them in neat piles on the floor or in another room.
  • Assess each item. Check if you really need the items on your desk, it’s easier to determine what you really need. You may be surprised to find how many extra pens, folders, sticky notes, and other supplies you’ve had this whole time! While going through your office items, create three piles: keep, archive, and junk. The items in the “keep” pile should include things you’ll need for daily and weekly work. The “archive” pile should include important documents and information that must be kept but doesn’t need to be in direct eyesight every day. You can even split this group into two sub-groups: one for yearly storage and another for long-term storage. Finally, the “junk” pile should include items you can throw away or donate.
  • Use dividers and shelves wisely. Hanging shelves can organize binders, manuals, reference materials, and other paperwork, while drawer dividers keep small office items separated, organized, and easy to locate.
  • Clean daily. Once your office is decluttered, keep it that way. After using your desk each day, put items back in their designated spots. Put pens in holders, file papers, and return binders to bookshelves. Then, wipe down your desk with a disinfectant wipe to help keep germs at bay. By tidying up every day, you can help keep your space organized for longer.


Our home office housekeeping tips should be used regularly.

With these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to keeping your space clutter-free and productive. It helps our minds to think and work properly if we have a clean and organized desk. Your stress will go down and your productivity will go up.


10. Think smaller, too.

Also, don’t forget to clean other home office accessories like scissors, pen holder, whiteboard, and even the trash bin.



11. Regular maintenance keeps your work area neat and clean.

As much as possible sanitize all to make sure they are all clean and ready for use again. This helps avoid the need to stop and clean a surface in the middle of your workday.


12. Use the office housekeeping tips to your advantage.

It’s your desk. As such, return and arrange your desk as to what makes you comfortable for work.


Schedule these office housekeeping tips and reap the rewards.

Let’s all exercise good housekeeping in the workplace whether it’s in the house or in the normal office. In addition, treat your home office the way it should be treated. A clean and virus-free home office is more conducive for work.  Make routine office cleaning a part of doing business. Also, keeping everything clean and inviting is the first step to ensuring you hit all your goals for the day. It has a vibe of good energy and positive outcome for our work.

We have to protect ourselves from those who cannot see. Making our homes clean and organized will make our life easier and more productive. Always remember that this job has to pay our bills and achieve our goals in life. It’s a domino effect, if we have a clean workplace then we can work properly and provide excellent outcomes. And if we have an excellent outcome more opportunities will come on our way.


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